August 19, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Carter

more and more and more Miracles!

This week was full of miracles and lots and lots of tissues!We had this amazing call this week with some members in our branch and we invited the wife to stop drinking coffee last week to prepare to enter the temple and we have been checking up on her everyday to see how she was doing with it! Anyways on Friday we couldn't get a hold of her so we called her husband and he told us the blessings he has seen for only a week of her not drinking coffee so I was super bold with him and we told him that they would see miracles everyday if they both stop drinking coffee. he was funny about it but he agreed and we are so excited for them to endure this together to be able to enter through the temple! The most amazing thing about this call is that we could feel their desire to change and repent and how we all can become more through our Savior!!

That is another thing this week that has been crazy is being bold! During my 2nd transfer, Sister Davis and i talked a lot about following the Spirit and literally having the Spirit lead you what to say. And wow this week i was able to listen to the Spirit and be bold with so many people I usually wouldn't have been. It is amazing the power and authority we have as missionaries but also the blessing we all have as members of the church to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost!
Also this week Sister Carter and I had Georgia allergies so we have gone through so many tissues all day haha. Thankfully we are much better now (another miracle haha) but being a missionary and sick at the same time is the worst!

Quick recap: at the end of last Pday Sister Carter lit an oven mitt on fire and we died laughing about it hahaha, Sister Pye fed us and showed us her wood burning skills which we then took pictures of, visited one of our favorite people Annie who is the one turning 70 soon and she is a funny lady, biscuits and honey, took pics on the street where part of Stranger Things was filmed, had an interesting conversation with a lady who is an intercessory prayer warrior and gave us the blessed magnet, drove alot, felt very dead because allergies, made cute Pan of Salvation cut outs, also Georgia is turning into a furnace and it is so hot one day my app said it felt like 106 degrees!, many member dinners, Church was great and I love the members of the Jackson branch, so many tender mercies this week I am amazed in how perfectly God knows and loves us!
I hope yall have a blessed week!Love, Sister Mix!!


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