August 12, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Carter

Ice Cream for you and you and youuuu!

Hey yall! This week has been amazing filled with so many miracles as always!To start the week off we had exchanges and you'll never guess who I went with.... Sister Cockrell (my mtc comp)!!!It was a hoot and a half to say the least and we spent all day laughing our heads off including getting free ice cream sandwiches from a funny guy we talked to for forever. I swear miracles always happen on exchanges and we were able to talk to so many people in our area and we were driving around like crazy people and knocking on so many doors it was amazing!  Not only were there miracles on exchanges but Sister Carter and i saw so many the rest of the week! We started teaching 2 member referrals!! 2!! I love member referrals and they are literally so important for the work to progress! So literally if you have any friends or fam wanting and will benefit( which is everyone) from learning the gospel, do it! Anyways one is a teenage girl who is willing and committed to pray about Joseph Smith so we are excited for her! And our other person is sweet sweet Brenda! We have had lunch at her neighbors house 3 or 4 times who is a member and we started to get to know her, then last week we called her up and said we wanted to teach her, and she was down! The lesson we had with her was good and she said she will start reading the book of Mormon!With everyone we teach and get to know it makes me so excited and happy because I know how much this gospel and reading the book of Mormon will literally change their life!! Okay I love being a missionary and I love this Jackson area more and more every week!
Quick recap: exchanges with Sista Cockrell, also got Zaxby's for her first time, Sister Carter and I giving out so many scripture candies, many mini Georgia storms where it pours for 15min then it is bright and sunny again, lots of beans and rice meals for lunch, many member dinners, stake missionary meeting+ district council=burning lots of miles, I got my first "aggressive driving" from our speed monitor :(  , we went to a Methodist car show haha, weekly planning takes 5ever and Sister Carter ate 6 popsicles in 30min, lots of jam outs in the car, went to a really really strange birthday party for a lady we were teaching and now I never want to hear rap music ever but she did give us roses for being her friends, Sister Carter and I laugh alot and I don't ever want to not be her companion or ever leave Jackson haha! Hope yall have a blessed week!Love, Sister Mix!


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