August 5, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Carter

Missionary training

Hey Yall!This week has been pretty crazy! From meetings in Peachtree City to having our apartment painted but it has been so good! 
This week we had Interviews, district council, and new missionary training! Through it all I have been reminded how inspired our leaders are and how much Heavenly Father is aware of us! I think I am reminded of that all the time. I am just loving it here in Jackson. Sometimes we pray for the gift of tongues because between some of these southern accents and old people without teeth it is hard to understand people we talk to but 5 months in and I think i am getting better and better and i may just have a southern accent when i get home haha. 
funny story that Sister Carter and I literally laughed for an hour last late last night i opened our downstairs bathroom and realized it stank so bad. Sister Carter opned the toliet seat and it was nasty. One of the workers painting our apartment went to the bathroom and tried to flush but that toilet is broken. So it had been sitting there for 3 days without us knowing and it started stinking our whole apartment. As we were getting into our beds Sister Carter started to smell the air vents right above her bed started smelling like it haha so we  run around for15min trying to air out everywhere.  so  and finally this morning he came back and fixed the toliet! haha no joke we laughed so hard 
Quick recap: dinner out in the boonies, knocking and following up with lots of people, having to move all of our stuff in the middle of our rooms, visiting with less actives (and their dog punctured a hole in my dress), stayed with members for 2 nights while apartment was painted by Pat, drove up to Conyers for an oil change, Interviews, and district council(and of course stopped at chick-fil-a for lunch), drove to Peachtree City for new missionary training and saw Sister Sutherland, lots of amazing member dinners, finally was able to move back in to our paint smelling apartment, tried to find community events in our city newspaper, walked a mile with sweet Annie we are teaching who is turning 70 and can probably out walk anyone, we helped set up for another branch surprise birthday party, had a wonderful Sabbath day!, pretty sure my left ear piercing is infected and slightly bleeding,then the whole bathroom fiasco happened haha!
Hope yall have a blessed week! Love, Sister Mix 


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