July 29, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Carter


Hey yall! I hope you all had a great week! This week was pretty good! There are always ups and downs in life and we definitely had some this week. Even though there will be ups and downs our Savior is always on our side and we are but a pray away from our Father in Heaven. I think that is just so cool that we are able to pray to God and tell Him everything going on. Well that's exactly what I did and prayers ARE ANSWERED. We had zone conference this week with inspired trainings on how to better find new people to teach and it totally answered my prayers from the night before. Also i had been praying to have a member referral because there are so many blessings that come from them. Guess what... prayers answered AGAIN and we had a young man bring his girlfriend to church who wants to learn more!!! Ahh God is just so good!I had been studying this week in Mosiah and I just love Mosiah 23:10&11 it talks about how Alma cries to the Lord and was made an instrument in God's hands.I think we can all help people come closer to Christ and Heavenly Father really does answer prayers! 
I have a goal to read all of President Nelson's talks from when he first was called as an apostle to now, before October General Conference and so far I have 10 down and 72 more to go! From reading the words of our living prophet, I have learned so much and i am so grateful we do have a living prophet just like they did in the bible to lead and direct our church and who receives direct knowledge from God!   
Quick recap: Monday night we had a member dinner and totally pet and fed horses #boonielife, i got 18 ant bites on my feet with 5 of them on 1 toe, i love driving past the many church signs with either way cool scriptures or hilarious sayings, lots of selfies, went on splits with 2 young women from another ward and knocked on so many doors with no one interested, an amazing zone conference seeing all my fav missionaries, catching sis Carter snoozing, literally drove around for 30min trying to find a ladies friend's house that she wants us to visit haha and never found it, Sis Carter bought scripture candy with bible verses on each one haha, had some good comp studies, realized this week that alot of southern people have pets and when their pets are bad they will whack them or yell at them and honestly it is a bit frightening haha, we had 3 people come to church!, had a cute member family feed us steak, and today i got to talk to my fam!Love yall and hope you all have a great week! 
Love, Sister Mix!


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