July 8, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Gray

Peachy Keen ?

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Date: Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 2:42 PM
Subject: Peachy Keen 🍑
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I hope everyone had a fun Independence Day! 
This week has been kind of funny for Jackson... So we set up our branch party which was a hit and we even had a snow cone machine! The decorations were so cute and we had lots of help! Sadly none of the people we are teaching came but lots of part member families came and I think everyone had lots of fun!Now the funny thing this week is that from last Monday to today Monday, 3 of our people we are teaching either sent us a drop text or just ghosted us which is very sad. Hopefully it means Heavenly Father has more prepared people waiting to hear the gospel. And for the others it is just not their time yet. Alot of the Elders in our district joke that Jackson is wack-son haha! Even though Jackson is funny sometimes I still love it here! This week has been lots of tender mercies as usual but even though we may be having a hard day or even a great day there are so many miracles scattered throughout our day. I just love being a missionary more and more everyday and I can not believe I get to wear a tag and serve in Georgia for 18 months. 
Quick recap: first time back at Chick-fil-A in 4 weeks because Jackson doesnt have one and I think I was going a little insane without it for a few weeks, lots of knocking on doors, spent 5 hours setting up the branch party, got to call my fam on my fav holiday, celebrated Independence Day and had snowcones, silly stringed Sister Gray for her 10 month mark at 7am, many member dinners, 3 people dropped us, had wonderful Sabbath Day and stressing to go anywhere with basically no gas, went peach picking for pday in true Georgia fashion!Hope yall have a great week!
Love, Sister Mix! 


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