June 17, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Gray

Kiss my Grits

This week has been good and I hope yall had a great week! Happy Late Father's Day! Shout out to my padre because I love him alot and I wouldn't be the person i am without him!!
This week we had temple zone conference! And oh boy I love the temple so much, it was like being home again just so so good! It is always so cool to be gathered as missionaries and even more cool in the temple. Temple Zone Conference was awesome and president Clayton went all out with a shaved ice truck and everything!
Also this week we knocked lots and lots and lots of doors... not alot of people answering but we did have a lady open the door and say "sorry i am a Presbyterian but I appreciate you coming by" then slammed the door in our face. I had some good laughs out of it because if I would have taken offence to her then the rest of our day would have been ruined. so moral of this story is laugh it off because it is much more effective than crying about it haha or as Sister Tucker(member in the branch that gives us lots of bread) likes to say "they can Kiss my Grits"! Thankfully there is one person (well maybe a few others) that knows exactly how we are feeling when a door is slammed in our face and that is the Savior and how grateful i am for Him and for all that He does for us! 
Quick recap: helped paint a member's home for the 3rd time, had an 8 sister sleepover to get to the temple on time, amazing temple zone conference with even more amazing food, went to dinner with a member who literally lives on a farm (super common here) and was 2 feet away from lots of goats, way to many members love us and feed us then send us home with too many leftovers to even fit in our fridge, knocked alot of doors, had dinner at Chick-n-run which had good BBQ, knocked some more doors, gave a talk in sacrament which i literally wrote during sacrament, knocked some doors again and now it is P-day! It has been a pretty fun week and I am excited for the week to come!I love yall and hope you have a fun and spirit filled week!

Love, Sister Mix!


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