June 10, 2019


Jackson, Georgia


Sister Gray

Out in the boonies

Hey y'all! I got transferred! I am in a new area on the other side of my mission in the boonies of Jackson!boonies meaning we are basically in farm land and so far I have pet a pony, a turtle, been 2 feet from a pig and pet lots and lots of dogs. It has been a huge adjustment coming from KSU to Jackson. they are completely different but thankfully I am still serving in a tiny branch. Also my new companion is Sister Gray! I miss sister Davis alot but i am excited for what this transfer is going to bring! 
This week has been a huge pattern through my studies and meeting certain people or through events that keep reminding me that God is aware of me. And it is SO true. God is aware of us even if we are alone out in the boonies there are certain reasons people or events take place in our lives. I have felt Heavenly Father's love alot while I have been relying on Him through this change and I have felt peace, comfort and hope that this area is going to be amazing! God loves us so much and cares about us but sometimes we need to look for His hand in our life to realize that it IS there. So look for God's hand in your life this week and I promise you will see more blessings He gives you. Also Jackson (from KSU) went to the temple to do baptisms! We had lots of other missionaries and I saw all my KSU pals and he was able to baptize all of us for deceased ancestors! it was absolutely amazing to see him progress and use the priesthood, this power and authority from God to help so many people! I will never forget the strong Spirit that was there!
Quick recap: took cute Sisters pics as our last Sunday all together, we went a little crazy and tie dyed t-shirts outside our apartment, had a "wake" lunch (we renamed our farwell lunches because we are so sad to leave) with sweet sweet Donna at her country club,had one of the best last district councils while I bawled my eyes out and continued to do so as I packed the rest of my stuff, Sister Davis and I stayed up way too late while she dyed my hair the night before transfers, we went to transfers and left my momma Sister Davis and found out I am going to Jackson, had my first time trying Waffle House for my first meal in Jackson, pet a pony and turtle, helped paint the inside of a home 2 times, went to the Varsity for lunch (look it up),  pouring rain for 2 or 3 days, Sister Gray has eaten lots of corn dogs, plus a good Shane's Rib Shack stop for P-day lunch! It has been an exciting week and I can't wait for this transfer!Please please email me with updates and how yall are doing! Hope yall have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Mix!  


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