May 18, 2019


Kennesaw State University


Sister Davis

May-mester miracles!

Here is the latest e-mail from Sister Mix.  Please enjoy it and take a moment to drop her a quick line and say hello.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
This week has been way long but so so good! This week KSU started may-mester so the shove a whole semester of class into 2 weeks so thankfully for us missionaries there were people on campus. But better than that there are prepared people on campus! Also we had interviews with president Clayton this week! Interviews are always amazing and I walk away feeling uplifted and motivated to work harder!Another amazing things this week is Jackson got baptized today!! Woot woot! He is amazing and we have been reading the Book of Mormon with him every night for 2 weeks up until today and I have seen his testimony and love for the gospel grow and he understnad the BoM so well it blows our minds! Although he got baptized barely Satan did not hold back on us this morning and while Sister Davis and I were getting everything ready and out together it was all going wrong. Like... getting stuck behind a car crash, forgrtting pictures at Walmart which took an hour to print, we forgot about the baptismal record and not having a piano player, not having the keys to the baptismal font BUT Jackson still got baptized and everything worked out, i am so excited for him! God is just so good and has been blessing us this week! 
Quick recap this week: started this week with a scare of pink eye but no worries it was just dumb allergies but my eye was pretty rad looking, trips to Wendy's because that is the only food option close when you forget lunch, found so many cool people ready to learn about the gospel, Summer dropping up some Chick-fil-A which we probably have 2 or 3 times a week haha, Jacksons baptism woot woot which I also gave the talk about the Holy Ghost, it is getting more hot and humid, I am loving biking but mostly downhill the uphill parts I dread, we are having fun and laughing alot while sharing this great gospel! I love yall and hope you have a wonderful week! Also share with a neighbor the new "come and see" videos they are awesome! 
Love, Sister Mix! 


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