April 13, 2019


Kennesaw State University


Sister Donalee Antoinette Blake

Big Shanty shindig!

Hey everyone! We were back on campus and we talked to so many people this week!
General Conference was so good last weekend! One of my favorite talks was Brook P. Hales during the first session. I loved this talk and loved the reminder how much Heavenly Father's involvement in my life and it is so cool!!! 
Jackson was on date for baptism today but he didn't feel ready and has been struggling with past habits. BUT we are striving for 2 weeks for his baptism and once it happens it will be great. The best thing this week was hearing Elder T give Jackson a priesthood blessing of comfort. It was Elder T's first time and it is amazing the power of the priesthood has and i know it helped comfort Jackson. It was definitely something i will remember for a long time! 
This morning we went to the Big Shanty Festival and it was so fun! A little parade in the morning along with tents of vendors and of couse good food! It was a little piece of home and reminded me of 4th of July in Utah/the Salsa Festival in Arizona. I have lots of pictures from the festival of little trinkets and of us sisters(acworth sisters, us, and trio in our apartment) it was just so much fun! 
Quick recap: watched general conference at the branch building with our KSU district, checked out KSU Marietta campus, pollen still sucks but i have medicine now so it is not as bad, the trio sisters had super bad constipation which then turned into a diarhera problem so it was interesting at the apartment and they went a little insane and painted our table bright yellow, found 12 people this week to hopefuly teach in the future, having the elders help us out with Jackson, went grocery shopping for 5 people in 15min, played dominos with the elderly again, laughed and sang alot at the festival! I hope you all have an amazing week and i love yall! 
Love, Sister Mix! 


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