April 1, 2019


Kennesaw State University


Sister Donalee Antoinette Blake

Hey pink face!

Sorry my p-days change all the time Haha. But it was for a REALLY good reason and I will share later. This past week was SO good and so much good happened. First off we had interviews with our mission President and is was great! Meeting with President and Sister Clayton a)they are just amazing people in tune with the Spirit b)so kind and fun to talk with c) it is obvious they are called by God to be mission president and to help all the missionaries in the GAM (some say Georgia Atlanta Mission but could also stand for Greatest American Mission) 
Okay one miracle this week was going on exchanges with the Sister Training leaders! I went with Sister Hart and we found 9 people to meet with, hopefully after spring break! Usually we find 4 or 5 throughout the week so that was so cool! And I also went around talking to people probably the most confident I have ever been and I was truly so happy sharing about the  Book of Mormon and more about Jesus Christ! We also had walked 6 miles that day just walking through campus a bunch and I had half my face sunburnt. 
The biggest and coolest thing this week was Madelyn's baptism (Also the reason we pushed p-day back)!!! Madelyn started meeting with sister missionaries 6 months ago and she has been a super star ever since! She is best friends with all of the missionaries and is the one who drives us around, whenever other missionaries meet her at zone conference or transfers they all think she is a member but now she IS! I am lucky enough to know her and watch her be baptized and feel the Spirit so strongly! 
Quick week recap: Sister Blake hurt her foot last p-day so we stayed in for 2 days and that was not too fun, institute with the missionary crew, the Georgia sun got half my face sunburnt but I'm pretty sure tabling(pic below) helped with that, had new missionary training and got to see my cute mtc comp and my other mtc pals, still played dominos with old people, MADELYN WAS BAPTIZED and with that I saw Elder Lancaster and Daines (my fav mtc elders just missing elder stock) because it was at their building which was also the same parking lot as the temple so we took lots of pics, walked to cookout (to: uncle Bob, it is one of my fav places too), yesterday one of our people said he was still down to be baptized on the 13th so we are really excited for him, this week is spring break so campus will be pretty empty but an adventure for sure! Okay I love you all! And please send me emails!! 
Love, Sister Mix! 


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