March 23, 2019


Kennesaw State University


Sister Donalee Antoinette Blake

That's what we Like!

I'm loving it here!! the kennesaw YSA branch is a party and so much fun serving on a college campus! A couple of interesting things have happened this week including my first bible belt situation...yep bashing.

I didn't realize on a college campus students actually know or care about religion but let me tell ya they DO. First the bashing thing, ya it was rough and drained all the energy out of me but it was a really good learning experience. We table
every Thursday and we just have a tent out and our whole district stops people and talks to them. We were kind of packing up and I stopped this one girl who seemed nice and willing to talk but SIKE she kept asking me about being "saved" and i just kept asking
her questions about what she believes and she kept looking at this piece of paper with a bunch of bible references. Then finally i was just like "i think you are bashing with me and i don't think we should fight each others faith" and i bore my testimony
of the Savior's love for everyone and told her to check out
because she will get the facts there. So BOOM my first experience someone bashing me and it definitely won't be my last here in the bible belt.

So another thing about campus and the people we are teaching is that they don't want to read the Book of Mormon. Can you believe that? We taught 3 people one day and all said they were reading the bible but didn't want to read the BOM. ugh I
ranted so hard because the BOM is so essential and all the questions they ask are answered if they just read. Anyway so ya READ THE BOOK! I promise it will make you happier and have more peace in your life... but no one here understands that.

On Friday nights we have game night........ with the elderly! Haha and I just play dominos with them for 2 hours which is fun and all but they don't know how to actually play. Grandpa and Grandma Hoopes taught me real well and that not how they
play. But they are way old so I dont think making the game actually challenging would go well with them. Plus as old people they only put out snacks and food that are older than them (stale everything) so I didn't have dinner until 10ish but it was a fun night

Quick recap: we got a new sister in our district making the other sister and trio and she is from the Temple Square mission so she will be here for 2 transfers (she is the right of me in the picture with alot of ppl), the trees here are absolutely
gorgeous and I'm in love, another pulled pork sandwich meal, lots and lots and lots of fortunes from fortune cookies, I love my district and laugh so hard with them, I taught Sisiter blake how to hit the folks and she's not too bad, serving in a YSA has funny
perks to it like hearing all the gossip on who is dating who, got a super cute "greenie"(nickname for brand new missionary) package from my mom, technically passed my 1 month mark so 17 more to go Haha, learning more of the gospel, and loving it more and more
here in Georgia!

Love, Sister Mix


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