March 18, 2019


Kennesaw State University


Sister Donalee Antoinette Blake

Finally in Georgia

I am here in Georgia and I still can't believe I'm actually here! Some people at home don't believe I have ever had a hard day *cough cough grandpa Hoopes cough* but I will tell you, this week has been a really hard week.  There was so much change that happened in one week starting the week in Provo to being out here in Georgia in my first area. It is getting better and I am positive that next week will be the best! Actually getting to Georgia was fabulous and really exciting but when finding out my trainer and my area, I was a complete nervous wreck inside. My first area (and where I will probably be for 6 months) is... KSU  that's right Kennesaw State University! I am on campus all the time and don't have a car but that also means I am serving in a YSA branch (its not even big enough to be a ward it's so small). My trainer/companion is... Sister Blake! She is great so far and has lots of wisdom because she is almost done and will go home in 3 transfers. Lots of tender mercies this week when feeling very alone and not fitting in but Heavenly Father knows that and has helped me so much through this huge change. On Saturday which is usually our Pday we walked around campus but it was Dead like d-e-d, dead. So Sister Blake and I headed to the branch building to text some of our people and we ran into Carey who is awesome and we shared a scripture with her and we plan to teach her this week so I'm super pumped to start meeting with her!!I absolutely love doing service and we help out Donna a couple of times and pack food bags for those in need. Donna is a funny lady who is content with her church but she loves the missionaries and knows about all of them haha and she takes them out to eat all the time! 
Because campus isn't really southern I won't get a lot of southern facts but here is one for this week: bless your heart AND bless your soul are insults so they actually say "have a blessed day" 
Quick recap of this week: left the mtc super early, sat next to one of my homie elders on the plane, met President and Sister Clayton, Georgia is super pretty with so many green trees, transfer day is chaotic and like a huge missionary party, had to say goodbye to my sweet sweet mtc comp Sister Cockrell, ksu is intimidating but my district is great, I've had lots of tacos and pulled pork sandwiches, we hang out with the branch almost every night going to fhe and institute and any thing they have going on, zone conferences are really fun meeting up with most of the missionaries again and heard from Elder Goodoy from the 70, church is one of my favorite times and I met so many people in the branch, sorry nothing super funny this week.Love and miss y'all!!!
Love, Sister Mix! 


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