March 11, 2019


Missionary training center, Provo, Utah


Sister Cockrell

See ya later UT

tomorrow morning I check out at 5:15am then I am off to Georgia! I CANT believe I am already done here at the mtc. Honestly I am sad to leave my district and these cute sisters but i am also really excited to go to the field! Today is our kinda p-day so we are doing laundry and packing up for tomorrow! 
This week has gone by super fast and I don't remember everythingBUT this week i had really cool experiences from a few lows to lots highs The low this week was my comp and I started teaching Liza and it was BAD like really really bad. The spirit wasn't there because she was closed off and already strongly believed in her church. So it was rough and we almost cried afterwards but instead we laughed about it, so situation turned good. And she cancelled our next visit with her so... kind of a blessing in disguise.Because Liza cancelled we did splits and went with some other sisters to help in their TRC. And it was so cool, so these sisters like to talk ALOT so it kinda felt like the girl was being talked at and overwhelmed and multiple times I had promptings to say certain things and at first I ignored them because it wasn't my lesson then BOOM I had a question to ask her pop in my head and i had to ask it so i did and she was able to apply the Plan of Salvation to her own life which is what they teach us to do. What a blessing it is to feel the Spirit and because I finally listened to it, hopefully she felt uplifted and motivated to learn more. It is crazy to think that we are done with TRC (teaching resource center basically just people that are interested in the church) and I get to teach really people I meet on the streets. Also Sunday was one of my favorite days because the Spirit is so much stronger which is kinda weird because it is already strong just being here at the mtc. It is amazing that leaders like my branch President are so in tune with the Spirit that he told me exactly what I needed to hear ah man the church is SO true. Again sorry for such the long email but there is so much goodness happening here! 
Quick recap: Tuesday night devotional with Elder Carl B. Cook, poured salt in the elders drinks at lunch and it was SUPER funny, we had a late night sisters ice cream party, BYU men's chorus for our last Sunday night devotional, love love and am gonna miss creamery ice cream, Sister Sato pinned me down to the floor (its a long story but no harm done), finished teaching Emerald and definitely a member Haha, woke up at 5am to go to the temple this morning (ya kinda really crazy), sickness spreads like a wild fire here so there is a ban on handshakes and hugs and any physical contact, and last but not least, my next email will be from Georgia with a new comp! 
Love, Sister Mix!


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