March 5, 2019


Missionary training center, Provo, Utah


Sister Cockrell

Can you say the closing prayer?

This week was SO good! It is crazy to think this is only my second p-day because honestly it feels like I've been here a month. 
Last Tuesday Night we have a devotional and we had, drumroll please......Elder Christofferson! Ya that's right, it was SO cool! And not only did we get to hear from him but my companion and I are in the mtc choir (which I 14/10 recommend) and we sang for him! The feeling when he walked to the room was amazing the Spirit just flooded the whole gym! I started tearing up and realized that he is truly called of God! 
Another great thing that happened this last week was we finished teaching Kara, which we are now convinced she is not a member and she committed to baptism! Sister Cockrell and I are so extremely excited for her and have so much love for Kara. I finally understand how missionaries said that they love the people and already I have started to love the people I teach. This week we are teaching Emerlad who we are positive she is a member haha! 
Not only is the mtc such a Spiritual place but also one of the funniest places. I love the sister in my district and let me tell ya, every night we have squishy fights (yes like those big food shaped huge stress balls) and it gets intense running around dodging each other. We get yelled at a few times but try to keep it down. It is hard to be quiet when we laugh for an hour every night with each other. Just thinking about leaving these sisters next week makes me so sad! Oh ya this week is my last week in the mtc! It's kinda sad but I'm really excited to go to Georgia and teach people what makes me so happy! 
Quick recap: Fast Sunday was amazing and the Spirit is just so strong here at the mtc, i am pretty heckin good at 4 square(that elementary recess game), I love my district and fantastic teachers, we had Brad Wilcox for our Sunday night devo which was so good and so interesting learning more about 12 tribes of Israel, I continue to love my comp because we relate and can talk about anything yet we still have so much to learn, we memorized Joseph Smith's First Vision through a song/rap I made, the power of prayer is real and so so cool, I love this gospel and Jesus Christ! Sorry again, another long email but there's so much great stuff that happens all the time! 
Love, Sister Mix! 


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