February 26, 2019


Missionary training center, Provo, Utah


Sister Cockrell

First Week!

It has been almost one week here at the mtc and I can't believe it! It has been the hardest and best week ever haha. So... where to start because one week feels like a month. As soon as I was dropped off it was a little sad but honestly I was so full of complete joy, the Spirit here at the mtc is wonderful and it just makes you happy! My companion is Sister Cockrell and she is great and amazing and wonderful. The first tender mercy here at the mtc was definitely having her as my companion because we are the same and have had the same concerns and worries together so we can talk about it. The mtc so far is so good, we have been learning so much in classes and workshops and coming together as a district. We have 3 Sisters and 3 Elders going to Georgia woot woot then we have another 3 Sisters going to Maryland and the other 3 Elders going to Gilbert Arizona. My companion and I taught our first legit lesson yesterday to a girl named Kara. The mtc has members and nonmembers practice lessons with missionaries and we are still not sure if Kara is actually  a member, but the lesson wasn't bad. We have alot to learn and it makes me excited to keep practicing so I can go out to the field and really teach. It has been a roller coaster of a week but one thing that I keep being reminded of is that God really is our loving Heavenly Father and knows me perfectly. There has been teachers or a wonderful sacrament meeting that has just answered my prayers or assured me that I am doing what the Lord wants. Reason I'm serving and why I love the gospel- Alma 5:45-46. I have never felt closer to the Savior in my life and know that He is the center of our gospel. The mtc is such a great place and I am excited for those of you who get to come and experience it too.Food is alright but mostly its good, my comp is great, classes are long but with the amazing teachers I have they are fun, every meal feels like a new day so literally feels like a month here.sorry this email is sooo long I just really love it here and there is SO much that happens in a week!I can read emails throughout the week so please please email me!Love you all you and hope you are doing great!Chicken wings for dinner one night haha
Love seeing BYU right next to me and thinking of all off my friends!
Me and my comp!


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