May 27, 2014


State College, Pennsylvania


Sister Sparks


Family and Friends,

So...this was the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE :) Hahaha no seriously. So many miracles & so little time to write them all!
My new companion is...(drumroll)..Sister Sparks! I LOVEEE Her. She is an answer to so many prayers. Seriously being with her is just a further testament of how much Heavenly Father knows us way better than we know ourselves--He knows us PERFECTLY! I needed Sister Sparks and every day that I am with her I realize more and more why haha! I have been so blessed with the best companions :)
Anyway haha Guess what happened thursday?! We roadtripped 3 hours to Cranberry, PA,...where the WHOLE mission gathered all together...and JEFFREY R. HOLLAND, a.k.a Apostle of the Lord spoke to us!! There is no way I will be able to put all my thoughts and emotions about that time that we had with him...but just know that it was LIFE-CHANGING!! ...More than just what He said.. but things I felt, the impressions I got, the promptings I had, and the answers I received...truly can not be summed up in any other way. He talked about expanding, illuminationg... going farther, doing more, becoming better, becoming more, loving harder, serving harder. Not denying the power of this work. I am not doing what he said any justice at all but just know I WAS PUMPED!! Seriously haha I am SO STOKED and so blessed to be apart of this work right now! Sister Sparks and I are going to be cracking down on oursleves and I could not be more excited! We are not letting a single person or a single second drift by..we are ALL in! Hands, heart, strength, mind, time, energy, everything! And we have just been seeing miracles on miracles on miracles! Man.. I just love this work :) I love the Lord, I love His gospel, I love getting to share my testimony with soo many of my brothers and sisters everyday, I love serving them, I love loving them, I just LOVE being a missionary!!
Go out and have the best week ever too okay?! Its possible! Have faith & Make it happen! LOVE YOU ALL!
Moroni 8:3,
Sister Wade


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