November 2, 2015


Liverpool, Australia


Sister Fotu

Finding for dayssss!

G'day family and friends!!
This week has been SAI au pito!!! (very good) I am not sure why...but our area started out slow and is taking a long time to pick up. We are doing lots of finding and working through the area book to find more people to teach. We just got two refferals and we are contacting them tonight and I am really excited to teach them:) Teaching lessons in unity with your companion is the BEST...the spirit really does direct you in what to say as you are teaching AND listening to the needs of your investigator.
Yesterday we were let into an old investigators house and she had two other friends over after their church (they go to the uniting church). They started trying to bible bash us and we were lovingly giving them scriptures to back up the Book of Mormon but the best thing we did was bare personal testimony of the truthfulness of it. One of the ladys is a very less active member who fell away when she was a YSA (young single adult) and was trying to prove this gospel wrong. That right there just goes to show that the youth in the church can NOT rely on their parents testimonys because it wont be enough when they cant rely on their parents anymore. You have to gain a testimony for yourself of the truthfulness of this gospel or you will fall. Very sad to talk to that lady.
Sister Fotu and I were finding at the train station and we started talking to a RUSSIAN lady (made me think of Anne) and we started talking...come to find out, she is just visiting from Gilbert as well!!! Small world haha I havent met anyone here from the good ol AZ yet. I taught her a little about the Restoration and told her to contact the missionaries in Gilbert!
I love love LOVE my personal study each morning!!! I am spiritually filled from the Book of Mormon and PMG every single day and I just LOVE it!!!! Everyone read the BOM every day, it is so special and important! During my language studies I am reading the Book of Mormon in Tongan and am trying very hard to understand is coming more and more, gift of tongues is real.
I hope this week we will be having lots of success..Sister Fotu and I are trying to be consecrated missionaries, 100% obedient and are praying for HELP. We know we are nothing without our Father in Heaven and are relying on Him for miracles and blessings (which I see every day) :) I love this work so is the most important work that can be done on this earth. SHARE the gospel with your friends, neighbors, strangers etc. "..How great will be your joy if you bring one soul unto me, and how great will your joy be if you bring MANY souls unto me.." Love you all, you are all in my prayers! XOXO
Love, Sister Rollins
P.s...There is a "Tongan Festival" this Satuday and President gave us permission to go and find Tongans woohooo hahaha!! Finding for dayssss. Also we are going to the zoo today so I will see my first kangeroo!! (The reason I havent seen one is because they are all in the country on the coast. I am not in the city either...I am like in the suburbs of Sydney!)

(I know I am SO spoiled!!)
1- Uncle Dave and Aunt Raelene took us out to lunch woohooo!
2- She is the cutest!!
3- Fam mission president is the BEST!!!
4- I was on tradeoffs with Sis Bogidua this day..she is not my comp haha.
5- So spoiled...1- I have literally never laughed so hard because of a 'trolley' before!!!!
2- Hahahaha I wish I could send over this is SO funny! So the carts here dont go straight here...they go sideways...its ridiculous.. and we were about to fall (hence the face) haha
3- Taking a break..we were walking that day!
4- I cant believe how many people here have told me that I should be a school teacher...I wont be...but I would have a fence like this and my students would call me Sister Tessie :)
5- HAPPY HALLOWEEN! They dont celebrate it really here...we were finding and so many people yelled at us saying, "WE DONT CELEBRATE!!" Hahaha
6- I love my cute companion!!!
7- The crew!
9- CHECK THIS OUT!!!!! It was HUGEEEEE!!!!! I also wish I could send this video hahaha it was in our flat and I was freaking out....the size of my hand!!!!!! YIKES!


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