September 6, 2015



Sister Tu'ifua

First Baptisms!

Happy Sunday my American family and friends!
This week went by SO fast!!! I don't even know where to start! MELE AND LINA GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! Ah it was the BEST! They were both so happy and it was both of their birthdays which made the day even more special! They both have strong testimony's and had the biggest smiles on their faces! The baptism was suppose to start at 3 and didn't start till 4:30!!!! Island time is a REAL thing people!!! Our pianist was an hour late to the baptism (whattt) and Sister Tu'ifua, Sofele, Bongidua and I were singing and had everything planned out and since we didn't have the piano we totally went up there and sang a random hymn...totally embarrassing hahaha but it worked out and the spirit was there. Ill send pictures of the cute girls!
I weighed myself and it said I've lost weight so far? Its probably wrong honestly haha but hey, I'll take it:)
Tongan food is grossssss. Ill stick with a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich thanks. They say all food is "palangi food" if it doesn't contain tons of meat in it haha. Its a struggle. I try to talk a lot and move my food around so I don't have to eat it:/ My companion eats a tonnnnn so I count on her to eat it all ha! When we take food home for dinner, I usually don't eat it because it has weird meat and my comp eats it for breakfast..its great! Food never goes to waste!
My companion is not obedient and that has been really hard. I know that we will be blessed when we are exactly obedient and I always have to remind her of that. Too bad I have to be the one pushing my trainer:( I just have to continue to love her!
We moved flats to live with two other sisters so sister Sofele and I can work on our Tongan. Also to help my trainer stay obedient haha. My area is the Liverpool area and we cover the whole stake! So basically our area is HUGE!!! I don't know what we would do without a car!
The members in our ward are so great! I love them!! They work a lot with us as missionaries and help with referrals! At church I have to remind myself that I am white hahaha I seriously forget sometimes! Basically I don't speak much Tongan at all. Everyone knows English and speaks to me in English so I get away with it pretty easy. Hopefully I can learn more of it and get it down one day, we'll see.
I LOVE reading the Book of Mormon everyday!!! I have read it multiple times and have never gotten out of it what I have on the mission! I could keep reading it all day!!! Something that I have really noticed is how many times it talks about Heavenly Father being so MERCIFUL! In almost every chapter it talks about his mercy. It is so true, He is so forgiving and loves us so much! I am SO grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. How lucky we are. Teaching people and investigators about the atonement is my favourite because the spirit is SO strong talking about the Savior.
I love the mission and am learning SO MUCH! I cant believe it!!! I love you all, you are all in my prayers<3
Sister Lolini


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