December 14, 2021


Maribor, , Slovenia


Sestra Chandler

On my way HOME

Today I am flying home! There is no way to express how full my heart is. My last week was amazing. I had a cool opportunity to sing at a funeral with Sister Chandler my last companion. Our voices sound so good harmonized together. It was incredible to see how needed we were at that particular time to comfort the two daughters who lost their mother. I also got to say my goodbyes in the two areas I served in because President needed me to move cities in the middle of the week to be in a trio with Sister Hart and Chandler.Then I ended out in Zagreb, Croatia where the mission home is. It was cool to see how it really does all work out for our good if we trust God and his timing. Things often turn out far better than we could have imagined. One cool miracle that happened today in the Frankfurt airport is that I ended up sitting right right across from a couple who was speaking Slovene. Only about 2 million people speak slovene so I was super suprised. I got to share about my mission and how I lived in Slovenia for a year and a half! It was definitely a tender mercy from God that I had that opportunity to use my Slovene again and plant a seed in thier hearts.
Anyway, I am just about to see my family and I am so excited! This has been the most amazing experience! I cannot wait to share all about it at my homecoming talk on December 19th in Church 12:30 pm YSA Ward, 1315 S. 24th St. Everyone is welcome. I love you all! 
With so so much love,Sestra King


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