September 27, 2021


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sestra Castleton

The reason why.

Every week lately has been AMAZING! 
There is something that has been on my mind the past few weeks. As Sister Castleton and I have been blessed with so many opportunities to teach about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ, something has stuck out so clear to us. The priesthood power is so important! Because of this power from on high, we can make covenants with God, so that we can return to live with Him forever.  Many people in Slovenia have told me they don’t see a need to have an institution. They suggest that you can just be a good person and be guided by your inner concience. Something that Elder Alliaud (a member in the europe area presidency) told us when he visited, I will never forget. "The reason why we have the institution of the Church is so that we can make covenants with God. At church the whole focus is to learn of the covenants we make, teach of the covenants, and support each other in keeping these covenant." 
It has been the most powerful thing to gain the testimony for myself of the Restoration. Heavenly Father loves us so much. He shows His love by calling prophets. He reveals truth and bestows upon them the authority of Priestood. He does this so that we learn of Him and make covenants with Him. God truly is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Since He called prophets in ancient times of course He would also call another prophet in our day. It is all so simple. 
Nothing makes me feel more blessed than to have the knowledge and testimony of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Do everything you can to grow your faith in Jesus Christ. He is the perfect example and following in His way will lead you to or help you stay on the covenant path. 
There is so much more I wish I could express. Less than 100 days and I will be back home to share all about the fun things I have done, the things I have learned, and the ideas I have had! 
Have a lep teden🍀Sestra King 


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