August 16, 2021


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sestra Castleton

The Olympics after-party

This past Olympics, Slovenia won more medals than they ever had before. It was really cool to see the unity they had as a country. They organized a free event last week where all the Slovene olympians came. We weren't going to go, but then the other sister missionaries in Ljubljana convinced us to come with them to see what it was like. While we were there laughing and waving our flag a lady named Vesna came up to us. We helped her with something, then she asked about our name tags and saw the church's name. She said how much she loved Jesus. It turns out that she was at the event alone. She usually doesn't go out so she didn't even know why she came. Soon after we met she told us that we were the reason she needed to come. She said in Slovene "I don't know why, but God wanted us to meet... do you have something to tell me or teach me about?" 
Since that event we were able to meet again and teach her the message of the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ! We laughed and cried together and had some sacred moments that I will never forget. I cannot wait to keep teaching her!This experience taught me how real and undeniably true this gospel is. Without a doubt I can say that God led Vesna to me and Sister Castleton. I am so grateful to be part of this incredible work to Gather Israel. 
Besides this event, there was a baptism I sang at in Ljubljana, we did an online exchange with the sisters in Bosnia, and we celebrated Sister Castleton's birthday (I made a beautiful strawberry cake).
I love you all! This time I have as a servant of the Lord is going by so quickly. If there is anyone I can pray for or help please let me know! I would love to hear from any everyone. Have a wonderful week☘
Sister Tenna King 
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