August 9, 2021


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sestra Castleton

Mind blown

Highlights of the week!- I got to spend the night in Maribor (the city where I started my mission)! It brought back such good memories. Each chapter of our lives are so special! 
- Sister Castleton both love to run, so we joined a running group in Ljubljana and it is such a good opportunity to meet new people!- We did two service projects. One day I moved about 1.5 ton of cement with a shovel and a different day I organized an event where we wrote letters to people in an old person home. - We also got to work with the first member of the church baptized in Slovenia. 
Today I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The kind of experience you can't full explain. Sister Castleton and I were planning our week and talking through some things and we both had our minds enlightened at the same time about the same topic. It felt as if some fog had been lifted and we could see things clearly. That experience showed me and will continue to teach me that God will guide us and show us the path exactly when the timing is right. At first we both thought to ourselves how helpful this vision would have been earlier in our missions. But of course God has all wisdom and knowledge and we soon realized why now was the perfect timing. Trust in God and He will always lead you step by step. 
Keep moving forward,Love, Sestra King 


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