May 31, 2021


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sestra Yost

CLEAVE unto goodness

Sometimes I just share about what I am thinking and not so much about what has happened. Here is a little update.- the Ljubljana Branch got a new presidency! The branch president is an American who works here for the US Embassy. The first counselor was actually the first member in Slovenia. The second counselor is from Peru, but he is married to a Slovene and has lived here quite a few years. They are going to do amazing things!- I have loved finding people through facebook. I get to use my passions to help in this great work! Most of the people I have met because of food. I met one friend through bread making because I was trying to find sourdough starter. Our friendship started with her giving me some starter, but later she wanted to learn more about what we believe and we gave her a Book of Mormon! My new food passion is to eat whole food plant based so I have been really active and making friends on a vegan group. - I officially started my missionary instagram! It is @happy.slovenia so you are welcome to follow it! - Sister Yost and I got to finally meet 2 people in person that we have been teaching online for months. Gregor and Matej are both amazing. 
Spiritual thought: I have a new favorite scripture. I think I have shared it with every person I have talked with this past week. It is Moroni 7:28. My favorite part is "they who have faith in him will cleave unto every good thing". I think that is beautiful. Making even small wrong choices leads us away from God and Jesus Christ. The best way to come closer to them is to hold tight to everything good! Be kind, be positive, be helpful, be compassionate, choose the right,  serve, and love. I can promise that as you first grow your faith in Jesus Christ, you will have the desire to make the best choices (big and small) in life and you will be able to have more joy than you currently have now. 
Be good. ♡Sestra King 


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