April 12, 2021


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sestra Back

Turning a new page.

Every 3 months we have a new transfer and this week is the last week of my transfer with Sestra Back, my German best friend (don't tell her I said that, because apparently Americans tell too many people that you are their best friend hahaūüôą). She has helped me see life differently. Here is a little reminder to never stop having fun in life. Rearrange your furniture, do a movie night and eat pudding, send handwritten letters to your loved ones, buy flowers for yourself, go for morning walks, sing at the top of your lungs, just do something new and out of the ordinary. I promise, it will be fun.Starting¬† next week Sestra Yost will be my new companion! We will stay in Ljubljana. This is my first time my whole mission, that I will be in a companionship without a trainee! I'm excited to just keep going strong.
This week was slow and kinda hard. Here are some good reminders.1. God knows who you are and what He has asked you to do. 2. There are things out of your control and that's OK. Just do the things that are in your control.3. Sometimes you have to feel the lowest of lows to appreciate the highs.4. You can do so much good on Social Media!5. So many people love you!! God loves you!
"The more you learn about the Savior, the easier it will be to trust in His mercy, His infinite love, and His strengthening, healing, and redeeming power. The Savior is never closer to you than when you are facing or climbing a mountain with faith." President Nelson April 2021
I invite you to learn more about your Savior, Jesus Christ. Faith in Him will bring more power into your life than anything else! 
Have a happy and successful week. Sestra King


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