April 5, 2021


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Sestra Back

LoCkDoWn and Austria

Happy late Easter!This special season has felt different than my other Easters. We have a holiday to celebrate the most miraculous and astounding event that ever took place and that will ever take place. Jesus Christ broke the bonds of death and He paid the price of Justice. Oh how I love Him.
First, I have a fun/scary story. On pday we went to Maribor, the last city I served in. It's crazy how connected we can become with places that used to be so foreign. Anyways, we decided to go to a pretty place in the hills in the countryside super close to the Austrian border. Here I am, driving a car full of us 4 sisters, just following the navigation app on the car, when we see the Austrian border up ahead. It is so silly to me that they wouldn't have a place to turn around. Long story short my German companion, Sister Back saved the day and we got to take a scenic drive through Austria to get back into Slovenia.
On a different note, Slovenia decided to do another lockdown. Somehow they seem so normal now I'm not even phased. For the next little while we can't meet with anyone in person. We decided we will invite everyone that has time to have a video call this week. We hope to have lots of Bible studies and discussions about Christ and religion. Despite this, I am so full of JOY! My mission has really been a testimony to me that you can have joy in any ccircumstance.
General Conference was also the best! I absolutely loved Elder Stevenson's talk about the power of Love. If you haven't seen it, then I invite you to watch some of conference. I know that it can help you develop faith and faith in Jesus is the most powerful tool that we can have in our lives!
I love you and God loves you-Sestra K


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