October 5, 2020


Maribor, Slovenia


Sestra Perry

Baptism, apartment move, tea weather, highs and lows, and general conference!!

Zdravo prijatelji!!!The title really sums it up! -David, who we are teaching got baptized! We went to the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and all of the missionaries here in Slovenia got to be there! The branch here is so small(when I say small I mean like less than 10 active members) in Maribor. It is amazing to have another member. It is so cool that he is kinda like a pioneer here in this country. I just know he is going to do the most amazing things here for the branch.-I moved into a new apartment! There is one senior couple in Slovenia and they live in Maribor. They needed to be in a more convenient apartment so they moved just down the street and my companion and I moved into their old one. It has a nice big kitchen and I have been cooking away here. It is so fun to be in the center of the city overlooking the main river! -Okay so I wasn't much of a tea person before I came here, but it is so popular in Slovenia! I have adopted the habit and drink herbal or fruit tea every day now. I felt so European when I sat in a cafe this week for a meeting. People just go to cafes and order tea and sip tea and talk with their friends about life.  Moral of the story, it is cold enough to drink tea and it's kinda fun and seems good for you so maybe try it out?- I just want everyone to know that despite my fun stories and pretty pictures I am not just having an fun vacation here haha. My sister tells me that's what it looks like from my pictures. I just want to be a real human and say I do have hard times. I been noticing more than ever how far from becoming like Christ I really am. I have felt like a failure at times. I've been treated unkind. My trials have brought me to my knees. Life is tough for everyone at times. But I have found so much joy in the journey. In general conference this past weekend, they talked a lot about trials and how they refine and polish us. If we turn to Christ, He can ease our burdens and bring us peace and comfort. I have found this to be so true.-Of course general conference was amazing and I encourage anyone who hasn't watched it to hear the words that the true and living prophet and apostles have to tell us!

1)Exchanges with sister tullis!!2)David's baptism!
3)Move day!4)Pretty building


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