September 7, 2020


Maribor, Slovenia


Sestra Perry

Mission Life in Slovenia!!

Hi friends!!!Now that I have been in Slovenia over a month now I kinda have a feel of what it is like to be a missionary here. 1. Serving the people! There aren't a ton of people ready to here the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but that gives us a lot of time to serve anyone who needs help. We love to serve the members. For example this week, all of the 9 missionaries serving in Slovenia got together to help a family harvest potatoes at their farm! We also love to serve the people in the community by teaching English and my companion from the MTC even found an opportunity to help coach a lacrosse club! So this week we all got to go practice with them to be supportive and become their friends!2. Facebook finding!! I know missionaries all over the world have started to do this too, but honestly it is so cool! We get to meet and become friends with people first and then questions like what we are doing in Slovenia and why we are learning such a small language always come up. It becomes a normal natural thing to talk about! We get to be creative in ways to meet new people. Another example, I found a lady here who wants to help me with my crocheting skills so this week we will meet up with her and even though we may not be teaching a lesson in this instance, we are spreading light and the name of the church! 3. Teach people!!! Honestly this is the best part! But due to covid we can't meet inside peoples homes. So we often meet outside on a bench overlooking the river, or meet up for ice cream, or even on zoom or over text message. Missionary work is so cool and different these days! 
Anyways, this past week we had exchanges where we get a chance to spend the day with different missionaries. I got to stay in the capital city, Ljubljana. Some of the main lessons I learned were that everyone had experiences that shape them into who they are now and that family is truly so important! I just want to try more than ever to try to understand peoples perspectives, learn from others, and just to work on building family relationships!
We also had zone conference! There is so many parts to becoming more like Christ. We discussed how it's sorta like putting together a huge jigsaw puzzle. It takes a lot of effort and time, but if we are consistently working on it we can improve. Sometimes we can get stuck and can't find where some pieces will go but we can always work on another area and have faith that eventually everything will fall into place. Little by little we can improve and attain more Christlike attributes!
Here are my favorite quotes from this week!▪︎"At no time will we be more Christlike than when we are a friend."▪︎"There is a purpose in life far beyond living comfortably."▪︎"Whatever you do, don't sit. Constantly grow."▪︎"Realize that everything you do can't be above average."
Majhne pričevanje:I am beyond grateful, for my friend and Savior, Jesus Christ. As I took the sacrament at church, tears of joy just streamed down my face. All my imperfections and many mistakes from the week could be forgiven of through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I love the simplicity of this wonderful gospel. All we have to do is try our bests. Each day striving to become more like Jesus and learning from our past mistakes. I love my Father in Heaven. I am also so grateful for His wisdom and that he knew we would need a Savior. So He sent His son. Because of this I know we can all return to live with God again someday. I love being a missionary because I get to think about who I really am, why I am on the earth, and where I am going, all the time. I believe this church is true with all my heart. My life is full of hope, joy, and peace because of this knowledge.
I love you all so much and I am here if anyone needs any extra love and support. Please email me!! I'd love to hear from all of you!❤🌻sestra king

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On Tue, Aug 25, 2020, 22:24 Tenna King <> wrote:
I'M HAPPYFirst of all, fun fact I was in quarantine and the government here actually did come and check on me! Anyways, fresh air had never felt so good as it did on that day we got out of quarantine. 

HIGHLIGHTSSister Perry and I started running along the reka(river) every morning! We had some really yummy food and ice cream. I had the opportunity to go to church on Sunday and meet the few members in the branch here!! I got called to play the piano for the branch! I spoke in slovene and actually understood some of the things people were saying to me! I got to meet all of the missionaries here in Slovenia (there are only 9 of us). We spent our Pday together exploring a castle, eating some great pizza, and playing four square at a park!!
SPIRITUALI read an amazing talk this week by Elder Ballard. It is from October 2019 called Giving Our Spirits Control Over Our Bodies."Think about that for a moment. This is who you and I really are and who you have always been: a son or daughter of God, with spiritual roots in eternity and a future overflowing with infinite possibilities. You are—first, foremost, and always—a spiritual being. And so when we choose to put our carnal nature ahead of our spiritual nature, we are choosing something that is contrary to our real, true, authentic spiritual selves."This quote really hit me. We all have spiritual roots. Deep inside us we just want to be good and live with our Father in Heaven again someday. It makes so much sense why when we make good choices, we feel good inside; it's because our choices our aligning with our spiritual nature. After reading this talk it reminded me of a this video.Migration: A Yearning for Home" rel="noreferrer noreferrer" target="_blank">
Animals migrate hundreds and thousands of miles across the world to get back to the place that would suit them. We don't understand though how they manage to know the way back home but it must be something inside them leading them back. I totally believe the same thing is inside us just like this talk was saying. We all have spiritual roots! We will be happiest if we follow God's commandments and live like Jesus lived so that we can find our way home to live with God again. Remember who you are and who you can become:))
I feel so blessed and life is good.Much love,Sestra King


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