August 17, 2020


Maribor, Slovenia


Sestra Perry

Quarantined and Happy

I struggled with something earlier this week that I feel like we all struggle with at some point. Pt.1
So here I am in my first area in Slovenia. I don't know anyone, don't know what I'm doing, I'm stuck in quarantine and I'm not that good at the language yet. So I was thinking to myself I just can't wait to get these next couple of months over with. I wanted to be so good at the language and know what I'm doing. I forgot to see all the good happening in the moment. Pt.2
I also had been reflecting a ton on past experiences. At least for me, I tend to focus on all the fun things that have happened and sometimes long to experience those things again, but I forget that each chapter of life comes with highs and lows. 
THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS: Treasure every moment! "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." 3 Nephi 13:21If you treasure the the moment, your heart will also be in the moment and you'll have a greater appreciation for things. Life isn't about waiting for the next thing to come or about dwelling on the past. It's really about finding ways to make each day special and fun. I truly have come to realize how important it is to live in the present. Take each thing one step at a time and rejoice in the little victories we have each day. But after I came to this realization (and many other realizations like how I am never alone and how Jesus Christ is my best friend) this week ended up being so great!! I started to appreciate each moment more than I ever have!
The missionary work is moving along here! Facebook is seriously such an amazing tool and I have met so many cool people! Even though I have to quarantine for one more week there are lots of things we can do! Sister Perry and I taught lessons over zoom, posted on facebook, joined groups, reached out to new people, taught English lessons, and so much more! 
NEW PASSIONS: I am obsessed with cooking healthy, trying new foods, and growing plants! I literally look forward to mealtimes so I can cook for Sister Perry and I. After quarantine we are gonna try new restaurants, make new recipes, and get some more pots to grow things. Let me tell you. I am definitely in the right place because all the Slovenians love gardening and I heard they have the best food here :))
I feel so blessed and life is good.Much love,Sestra King


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