July 16, 2020


Mesa, Arizona


Sestra Williams

Inspirational Thought

I have learned a valuable lesson this week. With the craziness of life, it is easy to forget the reason we do certain things. It can be easy to get into bad habits. It can also be easy to mindlessly go with the flow. I have seen this so much in my life and I don't think I am the only one.
Here is the way I have found that has helped me combat these things.
This means, do things deliberately or for a purpose. I had a zoom workshop this week about planning intentionally. You first need to have a VISION for the future. Next you need to make an actual GOAL. Then you need to make a PLAN. Last you need to make a SCHEDULE. The vision is WHY you want to achieve something. The goal is WHAT you want to achieve. The plan is HOW you are going to achieve it. The schedule is WHEN you are going to do the things that will enable you to achieve your goal.
This simple trick has already helped me so much and I know it can be applied to any area of your life. I have grown a firm testimony that setting time aside in your day to plan more and reflecting on how you spend your time can really make all the difference in your life. I have also realized that planning is a Christlike thing to do. I am sure Jesus Christ made specific plans for how he would create the earth, how he would serve and teach so many of the people, and how would do everything in his life. I believe that by being intentional we are also becoming like Christ. If we turn to Him, He will help us accomplish all the good things that we seek to do.
Much love,Sestra King


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