March 16, 2020


Odessa, Texas


Hermana Clark

Corona, Tornado and No Church??

Hello everyone! 
This week was as I'm sure you know quite interesting. 
Tuesday: We taught Anette and Maya and got them all ready for their baptism on Saturday. After English class, we played volleyball with some of the ward. So. Fun! Miss those volleyball nights at home! 
Wednesday: We did service at Catholic Charities where we got to dust a plant! My ma totally prepared me for that one. We also got catcalled many a times, so all the fun stories with that. We did have an inactive member turn around to.male sure we were okay! Little tender mercy of the day.Oh! And we got asked out to get coffee with some guys as well 😂
Thursday: Food bank! Bagging potatoes, carrots and cabbage. It was really amazing to see how much we could finished in an hour and a half. All that would go to help those in need. We had such an amazing lesson with the mother of a recent convert, Ericka. The spirit was so powerful and as we talked about the affect of God's spirit in our lives, she cried. We hugged and she said she would never forget that moment. She was excited to accept a Book of Mormon and said she would cherish it. I love her. Then we got the news of church being cancelled. They cancelled the baptism and everyone started panicking. We just did our best to bring peace and hope to everyone we met. 
Friday: We had a lesson with Griselda! She is amazing! Absolutely ate up everything we talked about. She cried during the First Vision and said she knew it was because the spirit was very strong. She said she wanted to come to church but..... yeah.... 
As we left her home,  we got a tornado warning. So everyone was on edge for another reason all day haha. Crazy times. 
A member took us to Chedder's for dinner. If any of you ever run into one, highly recommend. Amazing. 
Saturday: I sang at a baptism for the 4th Ward. We had such a great lesson with a member, Amber. She shared some amazing experiences with us about how she had seen God's hand in her life that week. How she knows He is looking out for her. I love hearing people's testimonies. 
Sunday: We drove many miles the day before, so we decided to walk and contact people! We didn't quite think this through because we were walking through fog the whole time. Our hair was mostly wet, but not at the same time.... weird. But I saw a peacock in someone's backyard! We took the sacrament at Bishop's home where he told us that we could have the baptism this Saturday! We are so excited for them! 
It has been a crazy week as I am sure it was for all of you!
Keep on smiling and remember God is with you. 
Hermana Ludlow 
1. The plant we dusted. His name is Eliseo the lemon plant from Italy. 2. Look at all those chickens! 3/4. Impromptu pictures 5. Peacock! 


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