March 9, 2020


Odessa, Texas


Hermana Clark

"You're from Arizona???... are you here to get a husband?"

Hola mis amores! 
I think I'm going to keep doing that. Having my title be a quote someone has said to me this past week. I get quite a lot of funny ones. 😂
For this week we saw SO MANY blessings! God is so good and loves us so much! 
We had exchanges this week, so we switched companions for the day to work on some specific skills training. It was fun! We enjoyed walking through the rain and talking to everyone! 
We have been teaching Anette and Maya. 2 cute little 8 year-olds who will be baptized this Saturday! Seriously. So cute. 
Many of our lessons have cancelled, but we always were able to find someone who needed help when in that time. I know OUR plans didn't work, but the LORD'S plans always work. He led us to where we needed to be and the people we needed to see. 
If I have learned anything from Hermana Clark so far, it is that I need more positivity! So. I came up with a way to help. Dear Evan Hansen came in clutch and I say 5 reasons every morning why it is going to be a good day. It has helped so much! Practicing positivity before it happens. Y'all should try it! 
I love you all soooooo much and miss you even more! Keep on spreading the light that you have. You never know who you will bless! 
Hermana Ludlow 

1. When it rains in Texas, it floods. 2. My niece turned 5 yall. We had to celebrate. 3. Beautiful Texas sky 4. Wow. We are awkward. 

Letitia Ludlow


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