March 2, 2020


Odessa, Texas


Hermana Clark

¡Hola mis amores!¿Cómo han estado? 

¡Hola mis amores!¿Cómo han estado? 
This week was great! We went and visited a few last places in Odessa before Hermana Fackrell went to Hobbs. And you KNOW we took pictures! 
I am now with Hermana Clark! She has been out 7 months and is from Morgan, Utah. Her family owns a dairy farm there! So let's just say, she's not a huge fan of me being lactose intolerant. 
As for the week Tuesday: dropped off Hermana Fackrell and got Hermana Clark. 
Wednesday: our lesson in the afternoon didn't pan out, so we walked and talked to everyone! Found quite a few referrals for the English elders in that area. It was fun! 
Thursday: we did service at the food bank and had an amazing pass off lesson with Pamela. We found her a couple weeks ago, but because she speaks English (and we only teach in Spanish) we had to pass her to the English Elders of that area. She is awesome and has so many stories! 
Friday: we taught Anette and Maya, and they picked a date to baptized! March 14! They are so excited and Anette's father will baptize them. We also had such an amazing lesson with Liz and Alesandra. Liz is the one that got married the other week. We taught the plan of Salvation, and they LOVED it! She kept asking questions like "what can I do to prepare to meet God again?" And then promised to come to church to start preparing. Which she did! 
Saturday: we did ALL the walking again and met so many cool people! Had a lesson with a less active family and weekly planned. (Which takes. So. Long.)
Sunday: church was just SO good! I love being able to take the sacrament and renew my covenants every week. To have a new start. We went to a gender reveal party for someone in our ward. She is having a girl! Her first baby! So excited for her. She is literally the cutest. Now to my title story. We went to try by a family we are teaching. The mom wasn't home, but the sons were. Before we left, the youngest looked at me and said, "I don't want to be rude, but like.... are you pregnant?" All the things kids say hahaha. 
I hope yall have an amazing week! And drink some lemonade for me! 
Love yall!
Hermana Ludlow 
1 and 2: last day with Hermana Fackrell 3: hermana Clark 4: WE SAW ZEBRAS IN SOMEONE'S YARD


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