February 17, 2020


Odessa, Texas


Hermana Fackrell

I don't know what to say here. Uh...... Hullo

It's that time again yall. You are hearing from the crazy, awkward girl in Texas. Have I told yall yet that we decided I'm the awkward companion? I thought I was awkward before, but then add in going up to random people to talk about Jesus Christ..... my companion just stands there and laughs at me. Now add in the factor of a different language?? That is a recipe for one awkward Hermana. Let me tell ya. But i will take it! I will proudly wear the name of Awkward Hermana if I can help people remember of the One who loves them so much more than they could imagine. 
But! I will go talk to people even if the situation looks awkward, and most
of the time it does not go smoothly. However, I read something a bit ago, and
I can't get it out of my head. It said, "If I don't talk to them, they
may never see their Father again." It seems a little harsh and as I have
studied more of the Plan of Salvation I know it's not true. I'll change
it a little. "If I don't talk to them, they may never LIVE with their
Father again." We will all see God and Jesus Christ again, but we are
out here trying to help people live with Him again. I would hate for any
of these people to see Him and not want to be there. I want to help
people feel comfortable in His presence. And to live with their families forever. Those are my goals! 

I don't have too much about the week, and I am sure many of you are already tired of reading (if you've made it this far). But I'll give a couple points of the week. 
Monday I sang at a baptism. In english! It's been while since I've done that AND I had an accompanist. Which I don't think I've ever dang a solo with an accompanist. So fun stuff! 
Thursday we did service at the food bank and let me tell yall. I am now pro at putting cans in a box. You would never know! Maybe I should put it on my resume?? 🤷🏼‍♀️
Friday we had a party for valentine's day and there were so many people who aren't members there! It was like missionary heaven! People interested, good food and good music(that I couldn't dance to but I'm fine). We had someone from our English class come and she came to church! She wants us to marry her sons.... 
That is pretty much all my highlights. A less active member gave us Valentines day gifts after our lesson with her! You know we took pictures! So sweet! 
Keep on smiling! 
Hermana Ludlow :) 
1. She wanted to have her son in the picture. 2 and 3. Cute valentines gifts. And she spoke straight to my heart! Mugs!!4: our neighbor brought us some bbq.....


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