February 3, 2020


Odessa, Texas


Hermana Fackrell

Hobo hunting

Hola Mis Amores! 
This week in the adventures of Hermana Ludlow, we have many miracles.  
Tuesday: We found Susie and Luis looking for a member. We've been working really hard on following the promptings of the spirit and have seen the greatest blessing out of it. We couldn't find their house, but there was one that my companion said she just felt we needed to go there. It wasn't our member,  but it was Susie and Luis! They let us in and we taught them about the Restoration of this amazing gospel. She is seriously so cute! She says she'll practice her English while we practice our Spanish.  Best deal! And I have never seen someone so excited to receive a Book of Mormon. Ever. I knew how much it would change her life, and she was so excited to be able to keep it. Oh I wish you could have seen her face when we told her we were giving it to her. And her son, Luis, is just so precious. He really opened up to us about bullies in school and I was able to testify to him on the best way to combat bullies. Kill them with kindness! It has worked for me every time. 
Wednesday: We had breakfast with a member, and she is amazing! Love her heart and her desires to serve God. And let's just say, my spice tolerance is going up. It has to, or I wouldn't survive here! Haha
Thursday: It was cold! And we biked to interviews with our mission president! It was fun 😁 quite exhilarating actually. And I FOUND A DOLLAR. you know I started singing that song from Little Rascals. I gotta dollar. I gotta dollar. I gotta dollar hey hey hey hey! We had some spirit filled lessons throughout the day and ended with dinner at a member's home. And you will Not believe what they said. THEY ARE TAKING US TO. THE. TEMPLE. My dream has come true!!!! I haven't been to the temple in probably 7 months! I miss it. 
Friday: Zone conference! They had a really amazing overall message of hope and joy. Those are two things I have really bee s studying recently actually, so I absolutely loved it! I sang with another sister. We sang, "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul." We took some pictures after, so I'll attach those! 
Saturday:We talked to lots of cool people! Got out on our bikes again and just enjoyed the day. It is amazing how many amazing people there are in this world! And we received so many referrals(people who want to be taught that either other missionaries have found or people want us to teach their friends). One of them is a super nice lady who we have a lesson with this week! 
Sunday: Fast Sunday. I love fast sunday. I bore my testimony in church! Which if any of you know me, I rarely did that at home, but I have a goal to do it every month on my mission. We also did some service for someone, by helping them move in. With really heavy objects. Up 3 flights of stairs. Yeah... let's just say I am really sore today haha. 
Monday:Here is where we get to the headline of my email. We had a barbeque with all the missionaries in Odessa today. A homeless man was walking by and so we offered him a burger. He came and ate and we had the greatest conversation. It was so sad to hear some of the things he has gone through, but I loved being able to tell him the God would and could never forget him. He is always by his side. He left with a box of cookies and a smile on his face. Then we realized he had left his chips and drink. He was to long gone by then. But still, we got in our car and drove around odessa trying to find him. No luck! But I am sure he is doing better than when we found him. 
That is all I have for yall this week! I hope you see many miracles and you keep smiling:)  Also. Add me to your prayers. It is probably going to snow on Wednesday. Your girl is from Arizona. Snow is not in her vocabulary. I'm gonna freeze! 
Hermana Ludlow ❤
Also. I got told again this week that I was a redhead????? 


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