January 27, 2020


Odessa, Texas


Hermana Fackrell


Howdy yall! I hope you had just an amazing week! Filled with so many blessings and that you were able to notice them. :)
This week was amazing over here! Full of so many miracles. That I will do my best to share them with you. 
Monday:We had an amazing lesson with Laysha and Maria! When we asked one of them to pray at the end, Laysha said she didn't know how, but we taught her and she prayed! So cool! 

Tuesday: We had exchanges! Our dinner appointment turned into service, and we decorated cookies with royal frosting! My dream come true!!! She also gave me about 5 new recipes! Yall better watch out! My bakery is going to blow your mind when I get home! And all of the tips. So much!
Wednesday:All of our lessons canceled, but we knocked some doors and..... we found a WHOLE FAMILY! They let us right in, and we taught them about the Restoration! They want to come to church! And they want us to come back again! And we found ANOTHER family! The next trailer. It wasn't a great time no matter what she said. She had some tired littles, but her husband is so excited for us to come back and said he would invite his friend too! 
Thursday: We drove all the way to Crane for a lesson with an amazing member! And had such an amazing lesson with Fabian! He asked US when we were coming back! And said when we want to go to lunch let him know. They're the best. 
Friday: We had lesson with a froyo place....with her boyfriend. Yep. I crashed a date. We were actually planning on teaching them the law of chastity, but..... let's just say that's not a lesson for a froyo place. It went well though! Talked about the difference between the spirit and the gift of the Holy Ghost. She's excited to receive it after her baptism. :)
Saturday: We practiced and recorded some music. Fun stuff. A sister and I will be singing I'm the mall while our companions do some finding. That will be an adventure! 
Sunday: Yall. I got to take of the sacrament. I love the atonement. And Luz and her boyfriend came to church! Agh!AND we went on exchanges(where we switch companions) for a couple hours and went finding in one area because some of the sisters here don't have anyone to teach. Sister Stovall and I found 2 new people for them to teach and 2 solid potentials! Huge miracles! 
This week has just been bursting with miracles, and I can't stop smiling. 😊 it's a beautiful day. Go drink some lemonade for me. 
Love y'all! 
Hermana Ludlow 


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