January 20, 2020


Odessa, Texas


Hermana Fackrell

La Expiación

Yall. I am not even sure what actually happened this week. I just know I was all smiles and singing all the time, and it was the best. 
Now. Let me look through the calendar to tell yall something. 
We are doing this mission wide study of the atonement. It is so good! I love it! I may or may not be behind, but I just can't help pulling everything apart and comparing things. Something I've been pondering with this is Was Christ ever afraid when He performed the Atonement? Afraid for us what we would have to go through? What satan would do? How much He would have to go through? How many people would throw His gift back in His face? Just some food for thought. 
We had such a good lesson with Luz! We focused on how the spirit works in response to our prayer and had her pray with us right then! And she decided to make covenants with God and be baptized in February! We are beyond excited! And she wants to go to the temple, so we are working towards that! 
P.S. I miss the temple. Every single one of you should go this week. I haven't been in 6 months. It it so sad. 
By the way! I hit 7 months this week. Your girl has been out 7 whole months on her mission. Which happened to be the same age of the dog my family got after I left. Fun stuff. 
We went to the Paleteria to celebrate! Tried some Chile and lime coconut. Good stuff
We knocked so many doors this week! Partly because this girl has a small bladder and needed to use the restroom. Everyone told us no! I was so surprised! So we biked home really fast. 
Sorry this one isn't much! Hope you all have a blessed week and enjoy some pictures! 
Hermana Ludlow 😊


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