December 30, 2019


Odessa, Texas


Hermana Fackrell


I have sung that song so many times this week it is crazy. 
HOLA MIS HERMOSOS!!! This week was just miracle packed! So I will start at the beginning. 
Christmas Eve and Christmas we went to nursing homes and went caroling. It was soooooo fun! I think I'm going to make that an annual thing. Just saying. We did a white elephant exchange with the other missionaries in Odessa. I ended up with a giant Bible that i can put my marriage certificate in?? and it has pictures.
We had lessons with Maria and Luz that we just SO AMAZING! The spirit was so strong and led our discussions. Something I really noticed was that both of those scenarios were quiet, focused environments. That is how the spirit teaches my friends. In the moments of peace and calm. 
We found 4 new people to teach this Saturday! It was insane!!! I loved it. The wind that day was crazy strong, but we picked a spot on our map and biked around in it. Knocked on doors of people who used to be taught and miracles happened. 
I have also been studying the names of Christ. We've been asking people what their favorite name for Christ is. My current favorite is Healer. With the new year coming up and all these New Years Resolutions, I made a goal. I want to study the names of Christ and make a list. And get to know my Savior in a new way. Really ponderize the name and apply that part of Him into my life. One that I LOVE that i found is Purifier. So. Will yall help me with my list? and I would really love to just hear in what way He means the most to you right now, so. Could yall take a moment and send me your favorite name of Christ currently? and if you would like, say why? That would just mean so much to me! 
That is all that I have for yall this week. Please enjoy this picture of me trying to take a foto with my companion. I cannot figure out why I look weird in it. But anyway. 
Con amor, 
Hermana Ludlow
P.S. This computer I am typing on today tried to change yall to you hahahahahahaha


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