December 2, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Tafisi

Thanksgiving 🦃 and Light the World 💡

Hello my favorite people!!! How have y'all been?? This week has been crazy!! 
Monday: P-day!!! Per my mama's request, I got loaded on so much medication. Y'all I have been taking about 9 pills in the mornings.... it is ridiculous. 
Tuesday: Our last district council!! Agh! Not knowing if anyone is leaving or staying. Had a great meeting that holds a lot of promises! Excited for how that will turn out! 
Wednesday: We painted those ladies' nails at the nursing home! They love us coming by and visiting. We also went tracting (knocked some doors) down a street and just talked about Light the World! We had some nice people and some who think that saying they're Catholic is going to stop me from talking about Jesus. Ha! 
Thursday: THANKSGIVING! We ate soooooooo much! Made breakfast for a single member in our Branch and got to spend the morning with him. It was the best. :) then we had lunch with some members. Their whole family is not part of the church, so it was really cool to be able to.spend such a family centered time with them. They asked so many questions about the church. It was awesome to be there and know the answers! Definitely a cool moment! They family member that cooked also made most of the food dairy free, so I could enjoy it all! :)And visited with some people we are teaching. Got to know their families more and then ended off the night at another member's home. The Breaux's (To be honest they're my favorite members). I just love their family. 
Friday: I just did a spur of the moment text every single number we had recorded and asked if they would be interested in a message for the upcoming holiday season. I got some really not nice responses, but a few said they would like us to come by and share it! So we have a couple people we are starting to teach because we shared the Christ Child with them and talked about Light the World. Which y'all. If you have not watched The Christ Child, WATCH IT . IT IS AMAZING AND I AM IN LOVE. The one person we have come for our English/Spanish class cancelled so we stayed at the Breaux's home for longer and I fluffed their tree. Had to get my practice in this year. Don't worry Ma. Keeping it up, so I can help out next year. :)
Saturday:We shared The Christ Child video like crazy!!! It was awesome. :) I could watch that forever. We also did some weekly planning that night. 
Sunday: So. If any of y'all know me, you know I love the Forgotten Carol's and go ham on the piano as I sing the songs. That is my distress. Has been for a long time. So I hadn't played them in a while. I brought my sheet music with me to church. We went a little early because we were supposed to meet with someone, but they cancelled. So I just decided to get my favorite music into my system again. Our 2nd counselor in the branch presidency overheard and asked me to play in sacrament. So I did. 😊 j played "The Sheppard." My favorite one to play. And oh.Y'all. The spirit was so strong. I truly miss performing anything in front of people and i think we all needed it. 
Sunday night we got our transfer call.... which I guess is really the good stuffs that I have to share. So for this transfer i will be............... ...       ....

Going to Odessa! To finish training a Sister in a Spanish Ward. I repeat. WARD. and SPANISH. oh it's going to be so good! 
That's all I have for this week. Hope y'all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and remembered to thank the one that gave it to y'all. Your Heavenly Father. He loves you. No matter what you do. He will always love you. And now I'm singing And I Will Always Love You. Hahaha
Love Y'all! 
Hermana Ludlow 😊❤
Pictures: 1. Cookies that Carolyn brought us 2. My beautifully fluffed Christmas tree with a dog beside it. They even had me out the star on the top of the tree. :)


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