November 25, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Tafisi

Nuestra semana de enfermas

¡Hola mis amores!
 This week flew! And I will tell you why in a moment. :)
Monday: We talked with one of our members who was back in a low spot. We did our best to help him notice the blessings in his life, but he couldn't notice them. I asked him to pray and read. That would help him feel better. Help him feel the spirit. He did end up doing that a day later, but was able to smile when we came back. So that's what matters. :)
Tuesday: Not much happened Tuesday. We had District Council in Brownwood. Got to see some cute puppies. Pretty much it. 🤷‍♀️ 
Wednesday: We had an amazing lesson with Flor! We have been working with her recently to set a date for her to be baptized. She wants to be, but has a couple things that she would have to change in order to be baptized. It scares her. Which is totally understandable! We had her pray with us and ask God when that day is. When she needs to be baptized and were able to promise her that He would give her an answer that night. That he would cast out her fear and help her figure out anything that stands in her way. We also helped her realize that because this is a righteous thing that she wants to do, Satan will do everything he can to keep her from it. I don't think she had thought much about that. 
Thursday: I was not feeling very good. Thinking I was getting a cold. It had kept me up all night the night before. I almost fell asleep during one of our studies. We decided to go out for a lesson and then get permission from the nurse to stay in the rest of the night. The lesson, however, was my first with a member there and was probably the worst lesson I have ever given. Started teaching the wrong principle, didn't have any scriptures and forgot to invite him to do anything. 🤦‍♀️ epic missionary fail. But we have a follow up lesson with him tonight, so hopefully this will go better. 
Friday: I felt worse. Headache. Didn't sleep that night because I couldn't breathe. We had to go to urgent care. Turns out your girl had a sinus infection. Yep. Sinus infection. Waited about an hour at Walmart to get an antibiotic. To get home and put on some pjs and watch the Testaments. I got a fever that shot up to about 101.1 that evening. Fun times. 
Saturday:Felt pretty much the same. We went on a walk, and my lungs just hurt. When I was at home and it got like this, I would have a breathing treatment. That's all I wanted. I prayed. And cried and prayed. Our mission nurse told us to just go and serve someone that afternoon. That would be enough. One of our members had mentioned she wanted help organizing cupboards which is any of you know me, you know I love to organize. So it was perfect for me. Not to much exertion and she was thrilled to have us come! By the time we had to leave she had given us tissues, herbal tea, emergen-c, soup. 😂 We were set. She asked if we needed anything else to help us get better. I mentioned that my only problem really was breathing and how at home I would use poi or breathing machine. She then said she had one, and would let me use it. Y'all. I almost started crying right there in front of her. She brought it over yesterday and I was able to breathe better. 
God knows what we need. He knows where we need to be to get it. He does answer prayers. I am so grateful for a Father that cares enough to make sure one of His many children is taken care of. 
Sunday: Church! Many are sick in our branch. There weren't many there, but the spirit was strong during the sacrament. Which is my favorite part of Sundays :)We also got to watch the Christ Child video. Oh. So. Good. It filled in spors of the nativity story I hadn't realized were empty. Y'all need to watch it! I'll post it on Facebook or something. Because. AGH! SO GOOD. 
I love all of you and hope you enjoy this amazing week of gratefulness. I challenge y'all to tell someone that you are grateful for them and why! I know it will make their day and give bring some more smiles into this week. 
Con amor, 
Hermana Ludlow ❤
Pictures:1. My sick party 2. One of my favorite pictures 


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