November 18, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Tafisi


That's right y'all. Today marks 5 months on a mission. I feel like that is no time at all, but so much too! Mission time is confusing ūüėā¬†
So far, my mission has been a roller-coaster of a time, and I know it will only continue like so. I have felt the love of God for people as soon as I meet them and especially when I hear their story. Everyone has a beautiful story to tell them how they got to where they are. I am honored to help them realize their potential and assist them in achieving it! Miracles happen every day. We just need to take a moment to recognize them. 
Monday: It sleeted. Yes. I repeat. Sleeted. I had no idea what that was until we were outside walking in it. Thank goodness I just bought some extra tights! I might have froze!!! But because we were knocking on doors in the cold weather, we saw Judy and Patrick! Who invited us over for Thanksgiving next week. They fry their turkey??? 
Tuesday: All of our appointments cancelled and the whole town lost service(so no calls or texts in or out). We ended up doing a lot of service which was just what I needed! You can never go wrong with helping God's children. 
Wednesday: We had interviews with President Hales in Brownwood before out district council. It's about a 45 minutes drive. Had to be there before 9:30.... yeah... and we woke up late! So rushed through that morning. President gave me good goals to work on. Things I needed to hear and do to help me eventually reach my potential of a missionary. After our meeting we drove to Eden for exchanges. Sister Tafisi stayed in Brady, and I went to San Angelo. I met some of the greatest people there. A man that could play the piano just perfect! We thought it was a recording; it was so good! 
Thursday: We switched back to our companions. We made some more goals and came on back to Brady. Sister Tafisi got sick, so we stayed inside the rest of the day. I finally watched the 20 Minutes Restoration video. Y'all. Totally worth it. 
Friday: We just saw so many people for the 2nd time which just testified to me that we do come in contact with people at random times for a reason. They will be placed in your path again, or if not yours, another's who will change their life as well. One of them was a man named Tony. Who is the friend of that man whose dog we found about a month ago. He remembered us and invited us back to talk another time! I knew something had to come out of that sad situation! 
Saturday: We did a car fast, so we didn't use the car at all that day. Only our bikes. Which was awesome. It just happened to be the day with beautiful weather. It was so worth it. Our appointments cancelled again, but we met Cathy. Who said she had read some of the Book of Mormon before. She still had her copy. We read Alma 36: 27 with her and invited her to read some of it again. She then asked for a copy to take to her daughter! AND invites us back over to talk to her again. Guys. GOD. IS. GOOD. I know you already know that, but a reminder is ways nice. 
Sunday: We had Branch conference, so we had a whole bunch of leadership people over the area come(stake committee). We had about 45 people at church. My goodness. There were so many people! It was amazing! We also had our annual Thanksgiving potluck after. Mmmm. So good! Makes me even more excited for Thanksgiving next week. We got to visit with one of our members that has been struggling and lifted his spirits. 
Something I have definitely been able to see is how strong Satan is. And how good he is at what he does. It is so sad to see him work on his brothers to take them down with him. But all we can do is fight back. Read our scriptures everyday. Pray everyday. And go to church every week. I know that if we do those 3 things, we will be unstoppable and be able to overcome anything that comes in our way. 
I love y'all! Les quiero mucho
Hermana Ludlow ‚̧


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