November 11, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Tafisi

No sé que para escribir aquí pero.... lee

Hey y'all! 
Being the awkward child that I am, I don't know how to start this. So imma just start writing about the week. Okay? Forgive me. 
Monday: A good friend of mine told me that when missionary work gets tough, just enjoy what you're doing. For example, biking. Enjoy being under the stars while biking around the neighborhood. Don't worry about not seeing people or not talking to a certain number of people that day. Don't worry about appointments falling through. Just enjoy being you! A representative of Jesus Christ. Soak it in. And soon enough, miracles will happen. So that is exactly what I did this night. And let me tell you. Milagros. We met a family. And they are so kind and open to talk with us. Y'all. Ugh. Blessing. They invited us over to teach then the following evening, so.... I'll leave that story for tomorrow's day. 
Tuesday:We had district council in Brownwood. A meeting with other missionaries in our area. One of the Elders gave me a calligraphy set? 😂 so I'm playing around with that before I go to bed at night. Getting pretty good... uh just sayin. We taught that family we met the night before. Had an AMAZING lesson with them. The mom said (after we asked) that what she learned from our lesson was that the truth will come knocking on your door. Once you've searched and are open to hearing it. (SHE WAS REFERRING TO US). We then invited them to pray to know if what we taught was true, and that if it was, would they be baptized by someone holding the authority of God? They. Said. Yes. My goodness y'all. I might have gasped. Milagros. 
Wednesday:We had relief society night! We made these cute advent calendars with scriptures for each day prophesying of Christ's birth. It was really cool! I'm stil trying to figure out who we can give the one we made to. Someone we are teaching who has younger kids that would enjoy that. 
Thursday: We had a really amazing lesson with Harold. We taught what it means to really repent. What the Atonement of Jesus Christ covers. Which is EVERYTHING. Every fear, panic, lonely moment. Every sin, heartache and worry. Every smile, joy and laughter. He understands it all. That lessons was such a reminder to me that no matter what, I am not alone. Even if I feel like it. He is always by my side. 
Friday: BINGO. I wish y'all could see these cute old people. They just love their Bingo guys. If y'all ever end up in the Heart of Texas, go play some Bingo at Brady West at 3 on Friday. You won't regret it. :)
Saturday:We met this man at a garage sale who started bashing us about Christianity. I wasn't quite sure how to respond to him, but I gave him a Book of Mormon and told him that book should help clarify some things for him that are confusing about christianity. He said he would read it, and I'd he found Jesus Christ in it, he would call us. Let's just say, I wonder when he's going to call. :)
Sunday:I was able to take of the sacrament. Y'all I am so so grateful that we have the chance each week to promise to God again to do our best. To repent. To help His children. To remember Him in all things. And in return He forgives us and sends His spirit to be with us always. What a blessing that is! To have such a reminder. 
Thank y'all for the prayers and thoughts! I have been sending some back your way. 
P.S. it's supposed to snow tonight!!!! I'm gonna freeze!!!!
Love y'all Keep smiling 😊 
Hermana Ludlow 

1. Big scary spider 2.The SKY 😍 3. Sister Tafisi's 2nd month mark which means: BLUEBERRY PANCAKES uh duh


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