September 30, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Lloyd

Is it really October?!

¡Hola Mis Amores!
Okay. This week has just flown!!! It's October tomorrow! Does anyone else believe that?! Because I don't. And conference is this weekend! Oh my gosh! I am so freaking excited for conference I don't know about y'all, but it is going to be so good. 
Monday: We had a couple lessons where we were really able to practice our challenge from District Council. Be humans! Be yourself! Don't let the routine of missionary life make you a robot. And we have been able to.connect with people so well! And we have been able to.see people open up and trust us. 
Tuesday: We had a lesson with the Williams. We taught the Restoration.  It has been a goal of our mission to teach the lessons in member's homes. And wow! It is so powerful! To hear what these doctrines mean to them and hear their testimonies added to it is such a testimony builder for me. 
Wednesday: We had a feeling to go by Sister Botello's house around 4:30. She invited us in and asked us what we were doing for dinner. When we said we were going back to the apartment to make something, she made us sit down and join her for dinner. She told us her daughter was going to come and eat with her, but had cancelled! And then we knocked on her door! So she didn't have to eat dinner alone. How sweet is that! I know the spirit led us to the place we needed to be. She needed us then. I am so grateful that God knows us individually and what we need when we need it.and will send His angels to help us. 
Thursday: We had such a good talk with Harold! He has been meeting with missionaries for over a year now and has been wanting to share what he knows with the people in his life. He invited his friends to church and told them they only had to come once. If they didn't like it, he would never invite them again. So they said they would. 
Friday: We had so many people playing Bingo with us at the nursing home! They are so cute and funny. They do love their Bingo! We also had our English class that night. It was really fun to be able to help teach Spanish to some members and English to someone we are teaching. They kind of teach one another, and it is so cool to watch the language barrier melt away! 
Saturday: We had a video call with our Sister Training Leaders in San Angelo for our companionship study. We talked about some things that we hard for us and ended up writing a letter to ourselves of hope and just reminding ourselves that what we are doing is enough. That we are good missionaries. That there is no such thing as the perfect missionary. You are enough. I definitely needed that reminder. 
Sunday: Harold's friends came to church! It was a whole family! Sister Lloyd and I gave talks, and they loved it and what to learn more!How exciting is that? It was a really co experience because I talked about why God allows evil and suffering to occur which really helped me this week. But I want to share a quote real quick from someone you probably know. 
"The biggest thing I've realized is that through flaws of a mortal body, the Savior uses these experiences to remind us to slow down. Often times as followers of Jesus Christ, and especially as missionaries, we want to do everything to its fullest potential. But the Savior doesn't want this from us. He wants our personal best. And He knows that if we try to do everything, we will burn ourselves out and not reach our potential at all. Of course He doesn't want that, so He allows for hardships in our physical body to occur, so we are forced to slow down and re enter our focus on what He wants and not what we want. What and amazing opportunity we have to learn and grow from our trials and afflictions!!"
-Elder Marshall
Thank you for reading this long guy! But I am so grateful for the people I have in my life and who support me and have always been there for me. 
I love y'all so much! 
Hermana Ludlow ❤

Pictures: 1. Hermana Lloyd and Hermana Ludlow 2. Grasshopper that wanted a ride 3. Texas sky


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