September 23, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Lloyd

Music, Popsicles, and Spirit's Power

¡Hola Mis Amores!
Okie dokie. 
Monday: we had such a good lesson with Sheryl! She is a friend of a member, so everytime we teach her, the member is there! Which makes it all the more powerful! Our testimonies do a bit, but when you add in the testimony of someone you have known for a long time.... MILAGROS just sayin
Tuesday: we had District Council! So we drive to Brownwood every Tuesday to meet with the missionaries in our area for training, reports and such. Brownwood is about 45 minutes from Brady, so nothing too bad. Once we got back, I had my first chiropractic visit. I'm still working through the whiplash I got from the crash, and hopefully they'll help some! That first visit though took about 2 hours! It was crazy!! 
Wednesday: we taught Selfrino! Selfrino is probably one of the saddest people I know. He was an amazing hero and fought for our country in the Vietnam War, but he struggles to see that God was with him during it. And because of that he is losing hope. But he is so funny! He is constantly saying "Now let me tell ya somethin." Oh I wish I could tell you how he says it because it is so funny! In this visit we were telling him to look to God and trust in Him. He would just kind of deflect it and such. But I made a comment about being hurt before, and he flipped what we had been telling him straight at us! He was saying, "let it go. It will all be alright. Just look to God. Trust in Him." What a silly man! 
Thursday: hey ho, more chiro! Yep! Another chiropractor visit. Still unsure completely how that's going. We had dinner with Harold, one of the people we are teaching, and his friends. Let's just say. Interesting atmosphere, but Harold did mention we needed to have a lesson at his place this coming week. So Partay! 
Friday: my companion had an awful migraine, so we were inside all morning/afternoon. We had some service, a lesson and an English class that evening that she was able to do. So we didn't miss any of those. I was able to write my talk for this Sunday, so yay! (They ended up changing their minds though and we are speaking next week) on our way to our dinner appointment, we pulled over and took some pictures. I'll add some of those beauties because if any of you have ever take pictures of me, you know there are a LOT of outtakes. A LOT. 
Saturday: one of the people we are teaching LET ME PLAY THEIR UKULELE! AGH! I have been so fulfilled. Oh my gosh. i miss playing music so much and just singing all the time. Ooooh! And then, when we were doing our weekly planning, the icecream truck went by our apartment. And heck yeah you know we ran outside and got ourselves a popsicle to help us get through the next hour or so of planning. 
Sunday: we didn't have any of the people we are teaching at church, but we had such a good lesson with Selfrino! When he opened the door there was no hesitation of it we were going to talk(like there normally is). He opened the door and came out and was ready to talk. He was in a happier mood. He didn't get very sad and when we left he had a smile on his face. Such a miracle! The Spirit has such an amazing affect on people's lives! I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to be apart of the change that people experience! 
I miss you all! And love you so much!! I would love to hear anything from you! Letter or email. 
Hermana Ludlow ❤,+TX+76825?entry=gmail&source=g">1112 South Church St. Brady, TX 76825
Pictures: 1. Nice photo2. Outtake3. Outtake4. Popsicles 5/6. Sunday pictures


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