September 16, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Lloyd


¡Hola mis amores!
This week's info is a doozie! (I highly doubt I spelled that right.) I received a weekly email from a friend of mine last week and it was set up by days. I like that. So imma do that. 
But first. Some facts about my companion, Hermana Lloyd!! She is from Utah. Is the oldest of 5. Has been on her mission for 4 months. Yep! One more transfer than me! And we are pretty much in the same space Spanish wise. So...partay! Okay 
Monday: We said goodbye to a whole bunch of people and packed everything up for the next day. 
Tuesday: We woke up at 2:45, got ready and set on the road for Abilene. I drove!!! Finally!! They have a mission rule where you don't drive your first transfer, so now that I'm out of that and am leading an area, I'm driving! Okay, but sent her off, and I spent the day in Abilene with Sister Howlett. We saw so many miracles that day through our efforts. Met a wonderful man named Carlos who accepted a Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more! How awesome is that! We met him after about an hour of knocking on doors in the heat with no sunscreen.... yeah. I know. Real smart. 
On our way back to the church building to pick up our new companions, we got in a car crash. I was a passenger, but ended up getting more beat up than the driver. The car was done. I walked it off right after and filled out all the paperwork and such and ended up driving home so.... yeah. 
Wednesday: We had District Council in Brownwood (all of the missionaries in our specified area get together for a meeting and some training. There are 3 companionships). After, the mission nurse said I had to be checked out by the doctor to make sure I was okay. I got some pretty good whiplash, hit my knee and bruised it pretty good too. I have lots of bruises from the seat belt which totally saved my life. And swelling down my leg by the knee that got hit. Yep. I'm a dead woman. No haha. We ended up spending 4 1/2 hours in the ER. They gave my a prescription for the pain and swelling and sent me home. 
Thursday: We got priesthood blessings in the morning. Needed that. We also had an amazing lesson with Chris! He's been taught for a while, but his job had him out of town for a couple months... so we are reteaching everything. His girlfriend, her friend, Sam, and Sam's husband were all there. Sam joined our lesson and really liked it! We taught the Restoration. It was really cool to see Chris testify to her what that information meant to him and how if she wanted to learn more, he would help her. Miracles!!!We also had a lesson with Demetrio and Rosie. This one is all in Spanish. I asked Hermana Lloyd to share her testimony about the Book of Mormon, and the spirit was so strong! She started crying and didn't have the words. Rosie said that sometimes, when things mean so much to us, we don't have the words. It's more of a feeling. I'm so excited to learn from her and teach more! 
Friday: This was our service day! We ended up doing about 5 1/2 hours of service that day! It was awesome! We started out with the Firat Baptist Food Pantry. We help fill the boxes and get them out to people who need them. The guy who runs it made me sit down a couple of times and take a break because I just hurt that morning. But there ain't no stopping this girl! Everyone there is sweet and nice to us. We played Bingo with the people in the nursing home. They are so funny! They love their Bingo and will do anything for another game. And then we had our English class. Only Demetrio showed this time, so we had class outside the church building. We taught him some hard words this week, and he kept rolling his eyes each time the -th sound or the -aw sound came in a word because he just could not get them! But as he says, he will practice and poco a poco, it will come. 
Saturday: We had weekly planning. Crazy stuff. 
Sunday: We had stake conference! It was so good! We got a new stake presidency, and I'm excited to see what they will do! Hermana Lloyd got her bike. She left in Lubbock and didn't have it all week. The members we rode with to the conference (because it was in Abilene) prepared a picnic for us! We stopped on the way home and ate at a park. Hermana Lloyd and I went to the bathrooms there. And there weren't any doors on the stalls!! Bonding experiences!!! 😂 it was so funny! 
There is my week in a nutshell. I hope yall are having a good week. I miss yall so much! 
Keep smiling 
Hermana Ludlow ❤


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