September 9, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Lesly Jimenez

Parties and Heartache

¡Buenos Días Mis Amores!
For this weekly email, I'm going to have to keep it a little short-ish. We have transfers tomorrow, and it is hectic. By the way. Staying in Brady. I'll tell you all about my new companion, Hermana Loyd, next week. 
This week. We partied hard. It was Sister Jimenez's birthday and so many people did stuff for her. It was so sweet. And let's just say. So. Much. Cake. I might go off sugar for a while because man. The night of her birthday though, we had a dance party. So fun! We are closer than ever now! It was her 22nd birthday, so you know I sang some Taylor Swift to her in the morning. 
Okay. For the heartache part of that title. I think it was Friday. After personal study, I said a prayer. In it I said, "Today God, I am yours. My hands are your hands. My heart is your heart. I am yours. Use me as you need. I am your servant." And He did just that. We met with a member that we are working with to get the priesthood! I had studied for him that morning. We had an amazing talk lined up to read, and we started talking. Pretty fast, he said some things that were very hurtful. Like that we have forgotten him and that he is giving up on the people of the church. And my heart literally hurt. I knew that just like I had told God that morning, my heart was His. This was His pain. I was sharing His pain. We have since talked to him, and ha apologized. But one of the scriptures we referenced before was Doctrine and Covenants 42:38. "For inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, ye do it unto me." This time we talked about it hit me harder than ever. The negative things that I say about myself, I am saying to my Savior. And that cannot be a thing. So I am working on how I treat myself. 
I love you all.Know that you are Never alone and that I am praying for you. 

Hermana Ludlow
Pictures: 1. Us 2. My drawing of Poppy the Missionary 3. I PAINTED A ROCK 4. Pretty 5. Reality 


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