September 2, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Lesly Jimenez

Rain dancing, Magical food and Spiritual Gifts

Hello from the weekly emails of Hermana Ludlow! This week's scoop: 
How to Survive the Heat
Answer: rain dance. 
Or that's the answer that one of our members, Brother Aguirre, has told me is the answer. Basically everytime we see him, he asks me to rain dance, so we can catch a break from this heat! He is so funny!! Though I totally got him good this week! We finished our lesson with him, and he turned to us real serious and said, "Do know how I know it's going to rain?" And immediately I responded with, " you rain danced this morning?" Which apparently was not his answer, and he was laughing so hard we could barely say a closing prayer! 😂 so good. 
We had the Goat Cookoff this weekend! Which let me tell you. Goat. Mmmmm good! But this is the World Championship Goat Cookoff. Here in Little Brady! People from all over the nation (and I guess the world too but we didn't meet any of them) come to this! We met a guy from Mississippi, and someone said that people from New York have come. So. Crazy. We volunteered to help check people's passes and ended up getting a free tshirt and pass in! So you know I'm wearing that bad boy all the time. But we have a couple minutes after our volunteered hours and had a life changing experience. Fried snickers. I know. Sounds like diabetes in a bite. Probabaly is. But like. Oh. So. Freaking. Good. We're going to make some for our last district council this week. Change some lives. 
Yesterday in church we talked some about spiritual gifts, so I decided to study a little further after. In Doctrine and Covenants 46:44 it says that even the knowledge "that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he was crucified for the sins of the world" is a spiritual gift! How cool is that?! Something that we take for granted is a gift. One that I recognized for me is the power to testify. This one is talked about in my patriarchal blessing some too. And that I just think is the biggest blessing. To be able to bear my testimony about the things in my heart. I invite you all to think about some of the spiritual gifts that you have. It could be the ability to discern truth, to love and care for others, or even to have faith. 
I know that Jesus Christ is my Redeemer. My Savior. My Brother. I know that He walks beside us through our lives. He doesn't walk in front and pull us behind Him. He doesn't walk behind and push us in front of Him. He walks beside us. Holding our hand. Letting us learn on Him. Rely on Him. Because the only thing that will take Him away from our side is us. If we pull our hand away. If we turn away. Bit he doesn't leave. We just don't notice Him there. He loves all of us with all His heart. So much that He gave. His. Life. He died and rose again so that we can live forever. I know that Jospeh Smith is a prophet of God. That he through God's power restored the all truth to the earth. That we have that truth with us today. I know that Russel M. Nelson is a prophet of God and that he receives revalation that we need in this time to make it back to our loving Heavenly Father.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and bring His children home. I know that He loves each of you specifically, individually and immeasurably. And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
I love you all. 
Keep smiling. 
Hermana Ludlow
Pictures: 1. Fried snickers(we tried it before the picture... whoops)2. Jumbo shrimp that was also at the cookoff... THEY ARE HUGE3. Us. Don't mind the Sprite in my hand... didn't think that one through....4. My face5. The sky


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