August 26, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Lesly Jimenez

We are HIS children

Hello beautiful people!

Okie dokie. Let's get this bad boy started.

To start off the week, we had zone conference! It was so good! and I participated so much.... It was crazy! they had me play prelude music(which my district leader through me under the bus and suggested me on the spot. not preparation.), I shared some miracles that I have already written y'all (don't worry), and they had me write on the board. Haha, but if you follow the TLM on instagram, you should see my face! but if not, I'll still add some pictures of my face. didn't mean to scare you there. You'll still see me. Something that really hit me hard in one of the presentations was that I. am a REPRESENTATIVE OF THE LORD. I am His mouth piece. I am literally doing what Christ would be doing if He were here right now. How freaking cool is that?! I have the power to teach and testify of the truths of HIS gospel. And many times, they aren't even my words.

uh.... que mas.....

Oh! okay. so for this story, we're going to have to go back a little to when I was home. I used to pick my dad from work. It is about a 20 minute drive home. so I would ask him how his day went, and he would ask me how mine went. you know. But if we ever got home and I would get ready to leave the house, he would look at me and get all offended. say something like, "How come you didn't tell me that in our drive?"
That is exactly how our Father in Heaven reacts to us when we pray to Him! He wants to know what we did that day. What we liked and didn't like. But He also wants to know what we want to do. The things we want to accomplish. The goals we set. The fears we have. EVERYTHING. He is your Daddy. so talk to Him like He is.

I love you all so much. Sorry this isn't very long. (I left my journal at the apartment. My bad.)

Remember that no matter what. You are His child and He loves you more than you could comprehend.

Hermana Ludlow ❤


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