August 12, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Lesly Jimenez

Tapanga's Adventures in Texas

Welcome to the weekly letter of Tapanga's Adventures in Texas. This week staring: The Ortiz Family

Hello and welcome to another episode of Tapanga's Adventures in Texas. I'm your Host, Hermana Ludlow, and this week we are continuing back where we left off. In Brady.

How are y'all doing?!

I am doing absolutely fantastic over here in Brady. I am constantly reminded of God's plan for each of His children here. Especially me. And it so much greater than I can even comprehend. This has been shown to me so many times this week. We have had many people turn us down and reject the message we bring of Christ. But because we have worked with God through every step, we have been able to see miracles.

Okie dokie. I had a personal miracle this week. I was standing in front of the mirror. and as it happens when you look too long, all these negative thoughts started coming into my head. A lot of them. and i looked away and looked back and as soon as I made eye contact, a song came into my head. From Little Rascals. I know it's a normal song, but this version was in my head. "You are so beautiful to me. Can't you see? You're everything I hoped for. You're everything I need. You are so beautiful to me."
I just knew every single one of those words was from my Heavenly Father, and man. Do i love Him.

so Funny story. We had a lunch appointment with a member on Saturday. We went to this amazing restaurant called Mi Familia. So. Good. After, we stopped by an investigator ( someone we are teaching the Gospel to) and they invited us to go out to eat. at Mi Familia. We sat at the same table. Had the same waitress, Teresa Ortiz(that's important later). And I found out an interesting detail about their bathrooms. (see my pictures)

 OH. MY. GOSH. We had the most amazing miracle
yesterday!!! We didn't have a set appointment, but had an idea of
someone we wanted to see. So we decided to go on our bikes to her house.
If we saw anyone, we would stop and talk. We saw a couple people. Some
actually interested and we set an appointment! The person we wanted to
see wasn't actually there, and she's pretty new to our list too. But we
decided to go around a way that's a little longer to see if we see
anyone else or get any impressions on our way back to the apartment. My
companion felt we needed to see Ivan and Teresa. Who Ivan comes to our
English/Spanish class and Teresa has finally been opening up to us! So we stopped on the side of the road and I
suggested we say a prayer to confirm. And we felt impressed again. So we
knocked on their door. Mind you. We have not taught anything about the
gospel to them. Just been us. Served and taught English. So
they invited us into their home. I talked with their 2 year old, Gensis,
for most of the time. Once she saw that I could pretty much understand
her(thank you for the practice Ellie), she just talked my ear off! So
cute! But we showed them the Home and Family video and talked about
eternal families. They loved it! And I told them how much this
information meant to me because I have a grandfather who I wasn't able
to know before he died. And that because of eternal families, I know
that I will be able to know him and love him even more after this life. And I
already do with the help he has been giving me so far on my mission. Then
we talked a little about Joseph Smith and Teresa actually told Ivan who
he was!!! Oh. It was amazing! WE ARE TEACHING A FAMILY!!!!
They're going to watch the Restoration video and we'll come back later
this week!!! I am just so excited and can already see how much this will
bless their family! Agh! I'm so excited for them! Now I have an even
greater reason to learn Spanish! The Ortiz family :)

Soooooo. as you can see it has been a crazy and wonderful week. I love every single one of you so much!

Keep smiling :)


Hermana Ludlow ❤

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