August 5, 2019


Brady Branch


Hermana Lesly Jimenez


That's right. I am starting off my mission in the heart of Texas. Brady to be exact. The people here say it's hot... but let me straight with you. It is warm. It's humid so there is no such thing as hot. It's warm. Every now and then we get that warm car. Ugh. I love it! Makes me think of Arizona and that's home so... always great! 
Now. Let me give you some advice for giving a good first impression. Scrunch up your face and say "That was weird." Okay. Maybe you shouldn't take advice from me about first impressions because that is exactly what I did the first time I met my mission president and his wife! I walked through this weird lengthened door that said "keep moving" which instigated that reaction and well ... they were standing right at the other side of that door. Awkward. 
The people here in Brady are nice! I've only had one unfriendly interaction! There are a lot of churches here, so either people don't give us the time of day or they listen to us solely because we talk about Jesus. Which is not a bad thing. I love Jesus. I would be glad to talk about him whenever you would like. :) every single person I talk to this branch had mentioned one thing. "You're tall." 😂 I like to be reminded because sometimes I forget, you know? :)
My companion is Sister Jimenez. Yep. Sister. English. But! She is fluent in Spanish, so I'll tell her stories or just talk for a while in only Spanish and she can help correct me. Which thank goodness! Because I need that so much! She is on her last transfer, and she'll be going home to California! Crazy! So we're working on finding the balance between her preparing to go home, focusing on the mission and training me at the same time! It's a lot, but nothing we can't do without God's help! 
I had a day this past week that was pretty hard for me in the morning, but I prayed and asked God to help me have that repurpose and motivation for my missionary work. I opened up books for my studies and read John 15:1-6. And Helaman 10:4-5. Read them. You will love them. Makes you smile. :) 
Sorry it's not much, but I cleaned a ton this morning and it was awesome! 
Love you all, 
Hermana Ludlow ❤ 


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