July 25, 2019


Mexico MTC


Hermana Janke


Bienvenidos al ultímo correo del CCM!(Welcome to the last email of the CCM!)Yep. I'm weird. 
This week has been crazy! My companion got out of the hospital on Monday!!! Can I get a WOO WOO?! So we finally got to get back into the flow of consistency with only having one companion morning and night. Thank. Goodness. 
I got the cello they have here on Wednesday of last week but didn't really get to play it until Sunday, and I auditioned on Monday at 12. After, she just said, "okay. So we'll need to make sure you're mic-ed for tomorrow." So.... yeah! I'm gonna have someone record it. If I can attach it on this email, I will. If not, hit my ma up. She'll have it. Aaaaand lo siento for the awful high notes. The finger done did slipped. 
We had the BEST devotional on Sunday. It was an Elder Holland talk(the best). Titled Feed My Sheep. Which is only available to MTCs. It talked about after Christ's death and resurrection, the apostles went back to what they were doing before which was fishing. After a long day of fishing and no success, a man on the beach told them to try the other side one more time, and they caught more fish than they could lift. And immediately they said, "It's Him" Christ. They came to Him, and He asked Peter, "Do you love me?" In which he responded "Lord, you know that I do." Christ asked 3 more times and Peter's last response was, "I love you more than anything." "Then FEED MY SHEEP."Once we start learning and loving, we need to share. And once we start sharing, we can't decide to stop. By then, it is in our hearts. The principles and doctrines and teachings are writin in every fiber of our being. Every part of our existence. It can be seen in how we talk. How we act. How we react. It's a constant decision on how we live and who we are. And it should not stop after missionaries take off their tags. Because if they are truly converted, it will be impossible to deny it. 
I also really loved a line from our devotional on Tuesday. "Never be comfortable with how you are." You should always be progressing and improving. Consistent is digressing. 
I added the Spanish keyboard to my phone, and it has changed the game! It is so nice to switch to the Spanish keyboard and have it correct your misspellings!!(I mean doesn't happen often buuuuuutttttt.....) Like. Love love love. 
Speaking of love, love you all so freaking much! I cannot comprehend it. I am praying for you, and I hope you all smile often today. :) 
Hermana Ludlow


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